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  1. Everyone will be gunning for Kittle...His ADP will steadily move up and he will be the 2nd TE off the board in the 2nd round....Over Ertz and Gronk. Media hype will drive the narrative and inflate his price. Gronk will be hammered. Plus Kittle is media and fantasy friendly (Like Shuster) which will further inflate his draft ranking. The TE carnage this year will cause most managers to over react and overdraft the TE position. We need to zig will the masses are zagging. TE always needs to be a value play...Kittle wont be a value next year.
  2. Penny will out produce them all. Carson has 50 carries in the last to weeks. Assumption of rational coaching and actual coach comments forecast Penny carries the rock this week. 150 total yards and 2 TD's. And it is The Cards run D.....
  3. Agree todisagree...To draft slot they are bust imo.
  4. Dud's...Sux or hurt doesn't matter. If you drafted these guys you probably are not reading this on Championship week! RB Bell D Johnson Hunt Fornette Hyde D Freeman R Freeman A Collins Jay Ajayi J Mccinnon K Drake M Lynch R Penny WR O Beckem AJ Green J Landry C Davis J Gordon S Sheppard D Baldwin K Stills A Robinson W Fuller N Agholor K Benjaman S Watkins D Funchess M Jones Jr M Goodwin C Hogan TE J Reed Gronk J Graham T Burton K Rudolph G Olsen J Doyle T Eifert ASJ D Walker QB Rodgers Brady Newton Wilson Cousins A Smith Stafford Bortles Dalton Mariota Flacco Rosen Garopollo Tanneyhill
  5. Many of the alternatives posted on here are in no brainier WR1/WR2 air. Lost Boyd and Gordon from my team, and need to fill them with the likes of Foster, Patrick, Humphries, and Calloway. Moore has talent and match up going for him over any of the above...Granted..His QB is unproven...but Heinicke will have to throw alot in this game...Dont care if Heinicke throws a few picks, as long as a good chunk make into the hands a Moore. Atlanta has, and will score alot of points vs. Carolina...with or without Cam. So called top 5 experts still have him Moore wr2 , high wr3 this week. Not ideal put you play with the cards you have been dealt.
  6. Last three Falcons Pathers games busted the over...Points will be scored.... You know there will be some deep throws by the Panthers as film will show opp defenses daring the Cam offense to throw deep. Moore is the future and the team invested heavily in him... Game plan should heavily utilize Moore and Samuals and CMAC.
  7. my WW is bare and losing Boyd, and Car receivers uncertainty, has me in a pickle with Gordon. Look behind me and there is no one there to replace. Foster Humphries Calloway Cobb T Smith
  8. Cam Newton (shoulder) will not play the final two weeks of the season. The Panthers got off to a roaring 6-2 start but have since dropped six in a row and tumbled out of the playoff picture. Cam was part of the MVP conversation heading into November but injured his shoulder again and has not looked right for some time. He's been held touchdown-less in back-to-back games. Newton does finish the year with a career-best 67.9% completion rate. He had 28 total touchdowns with 13 interceptions. Newton may need another surgery.
  9. Potentially new QB this week in what will be a shoot out...anybody coming back to DJ?
  10. Looking for clues to target distribution for the Panthers WR's. He may have shown preference to a WR during preseason, that a Panthers fan or local fan could provide some feedback. That matchup is juicy for Panthers skill players...
  11. Holding Kelly to keep away from my competition who has Gurely man. Will waive Saturday for a WR.
  12. Looking for some input on any and all WR preferences Heinicke has shown during preseason. Moore or Samuals when they shut Cam down here over the next couple days. Any local eyes on the ground?