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  1. Damian sucked and Mccoy fumbled...Holding
  2. Wouldnt burn FAAB or ww priority for the below....improve bench... Kekee (Stills status) Hines (Mack injury/KC) Wilkens (Mack) Allison (Adams) Eifert (Zona TE) AJ Brown (Good) R anderson (Off bye week/Philly) Herdon (Off susp week 6, weak TE on ww) D Pettis ( healthier) D Johnson (Atl pass catcher D) Howard (Dont chase) Mattison (Cook inj risk) Chase Daniel (2 qb)
  3. 6'3 vs 5"8...Think he will get some RZ looks.
  4. Dont see anything on Howard being hurt...Did you mean GB's RB Williams?
  5. Did you watch OJ play last year before he got hurt? The guy flashed talent that I have never seen in the TE position. Every reception seemed to be taken to the house. I am guilty of wanting such talent on my team, and not seeing the risk with a new coach. Assumption of rational coaching. Don't regret the choice at all...Did it last year with Kittle and many other times over the years. It is why we play the game! Brate is a JAG nothing more...maybe more obedient to the coaches being from Harvard and all. Other NFL teams will see this misuse of Howard's talent as well. Howard will will be brought back into Arain's good graces or he will be traded to a team that appreciates his rare talents. (If I was his agent that is what I would tell the Bucs). And Arian's player centric, wonderful leadership skills. His comments on Howard assumed no responsibility his coaches inability to inspire/push excellent play from their players. Weak sauce response. We have a saying in leadership, Praise in public and criticize in private.
  6. Owned Hunter...picked up Andrews beginning of week. Dropped Henry. Picked up Graham today and flipped him for OJ. Now I have Andrews and OJ Howard. Worth a hold on the bench with injuries and shallow TE usage making this a tight market for TE.
  7. I am buying....from waiver wire or for a bench wr....and wait...with the talent dropoff at TE holding two TE's is ok...Dude isnt hurt....talent will come through... I asked the TB beat writers to ask Arian on OJ's usage in the pass game. Will keep pushing every week for the reporters to question the usage as a receiver.
  8. #1 overall WR in all my leagues last year, and he went 5-8 in the WR draft pecking order....Hard to find that value early in drafts. Chiefs commited to him as well...good to see
  9. Pollard will be used in the slot when (not if) Cobb gets hurt.
  10. Tyrell is the new #1 for Oakland...would hold him over TP.
  11. He is my qb3 in 2 qb league...He will age like a fine wine.
  12. Chiefs play at noon. In Yahoo...see how D thomp functions. If he does well hold...If not drop then.
  13. I had the 12th slot and took LJ at the 85/86 (7th/8th turn) Felt that he would not last to my 108/109 (9th/10th turn).