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  1. Mookie Betts (11th round) (2017 is the last year) CF, RF Carlos Correa (19th round) (2017-2019) SS Noah Syndergaard (20th round) (2017-2019) SP Trea Turner (22nd round) (2017-2019) 2B, CF Rougned Odor (16th round) (2017-2019)
  2. https://thedynastyguru.com/2016/07/01/the-top-500-dynasty-league-players-july-2016-update/
  3. I don't have a choice, I need one.
  4. Even if he does go for that much there will probably be guys that are more fairly priced.
  5. The thing is people can overpay for steals and steals can be found (at least in some leagues) as free agents or waiver pick ups. So, I tend to value guys that can give steals but also have a lot of upside more.
  6. Cueto. Normally, Trout is a slam dunk decision but that does seem like a lot to pay for him.
  7. So people aren't worried about the Shark at all?
  8. I like Fernandez more in a keeper league but for 2016 only it's a lot closer. Cueto will be helped somewhat with the new team and Fernandez will be limited in innings pitched a little bit. Changing it from Bautista to Upton wouldn't work because you want steals and Upton can give you some steals and Bautista won't.
  9. I usually go for upside too but I need a 5th starter that I can count on to help me defend my title.
  10. I might go with A but it's a pretty fair deal either way. I just think that the biggest gap in value is between the outfielders (Bautista, Eaton)
  11. Which starting pitcher would you take? Jeff Samardzija Scott Kazmir or Wei-Yin Chen Wei-Yin Chen seems like the safest choice. What does everyone else think, though?
  12. I have a slight preference for imported hitters like Park to go to the AL instead of the NL. Maybe that's just me. Bucs do have a better lineup but there might not be that big of a difference. The perfect situation (in FBB) would have been Park to Colorado.
  13. Bucs did make more sense but the combination of Park & Sano could be interesting. I think everyone moved on from Vargas last year.