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  1. This guy & his qb & his team suck a**, but I’m rolling with him. Oh the joys of fairytale football.
  2. Career is over. Held on 1 year too long. The better back plays & deserves the snaps. Sigh.
  3. DJ Moore - has looked great in limited opportunities. Carolina needs a #1 WR.
  4. If you are stacked at RB, then Clement is the obvious answer given his upside. Alf just isn't very good even if given 90% of the rb snaps.
  5. Not really worried about CJ Anderson, they hardly ran the ball today. CJ lost the game for us today with his block hands.
  6. Agreed. Hard lesson to learn. Blaine Gabbert?
  7. Going with the wait & see approach myself due to the matchup.
  8. Dropped after owning for 3 years in a keeper (can’t keep next year). Not rolling with him in the playoffs next week. His back has to be still bothering him.
  9. Marcus Colston was a TE/WR his rookie season Never seen Yahoo subtract position eligibility mid season, only add where relevant
  10. I’m sorry I ever doubted him. Glad I held him too.
  11. What’s going on here? This guy sucks - it’s mid patience is wearing thin