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  1. That first game was with Cam. DJ is going to be erratic. Allen seems to favor Samuel between the two, but targets them both similarly (prob 60%/40% in favor of Samuel). Neither should instill much confidence. This offense will move through CMC & not through the air with Cam out.
  2. Appreciate this detailed analysis! Think I've decided to sit Berrios given all of the data, so count on him pitching a perfect game this evening !
  3. Berrios has been pretty solid against KC this season, but has been floundering in the 2nd half. Ratios are close in my final. Take the chance or sit him tonight (K's are also close so may need the volume)? Thanks & leave a link!
  4. 5 for 5 from my lineup today (Braun, Moustakas, N. Cruz, Sano, Bogaerts)....
  5. Sitting him myself, but do not need the volume based on my opponent (K's, chance at a W, etc.).
  6. Anybody know his replacement? I'd imagine Antonio Gates phone is blowing up this afternoon.
  7. This is my biggest concern as well. I don't believe Minn will be able to accomplish this against every opponent, but they will certainly try. Rolling him out there on Sunday against GB, but with little confidence.
  8. Fair enough. Not a bad call in hindsight either.
  9. I'd target Buehler out of that list. I'd look to shop S. Marte, Ozuna, or Eloy & package with Boyd. Not sure that will get it done, but it's a starting point.
  10. Just updated my signature below. I bought some time placing Caleb Smith on the DL & keeping the extra bat for the time being.
  11. Agreed with the rest of the crowd. You are giving up too much in this trade. Value Hill > Lester, but not by that much. Albies is the key piece given that it's a keeper. Thanks for the help with mine.