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  1. I'm an experienced owner of both dynasty and redraft formats, but I'm hopeful about getting into a new dynasty startup for this season if it's not too late. In dynasty, I prefer free or low level of buy-in. Definitely just want new startup league. No abandoned orphans. Respond either here or email dlockhart9@yahoo.com. Also, slightly more interested in non-ESPN leagues. Just a personal preference
  2. I have one opening in a 10-team standard 5x5 Redraft BB league, drafting on Yahoo at 11AM on Sunday morning, March 24th. It is a $20 buyin, and all settings are pretty traditional, with the minor exception of 4OF and 1UTIL, rather than 3 and 2. This league has been going on for several years, and I rarely have to recruit, but this year there was one no-show. The other 9 league members have already paid by Paypal, so Leaguesafe won't be an option here. But I have never failed to immediately distribute 100% of league buyins immediately after the season. Email me at dlockhart9@yahoo.com, if you want in. Thanks
  3. Looking to join a money league. Preferably $25-50, H2H, 9-category redraft, 10-12 teamer, with daily changes. Leaguesafe preferred, but would consider paypal. Contact me at dlockhart9 at yahoo dot com
  4. Email just sent. Sorry. Appears to be too late to join yours?
  5. BUMP - WOULD ALSO BE WILLING TO DO A "I join your league, you join mine" thing
  6. Looking for 2 owners to fill a 10-team H2H Yahoo league, drafting (online, with randomized draft order) on the morning of 8/25. League is $20 paypal, mainly because all other owners are paid up, so it's too late to do Leaguesafe. I have 8 other long-term returning league members who can vouch for my integrity. The league will pay out 100% of fees, almost immediately upon the end of the fantasy season. Payouts are to 3 places: $100,70 & 30. League employs unique starting lineup/roster settings: 2QB, 2RB, 3WR, 2FLEX, 1TE, 2DST, 1K and 6 bench spots. Scoring is pretty much standard Yahoo default, with only slight variation. Please reply here or email dlockhart9@yahoo.com, if you are interested. THANKS!
  7. A little too steep a buy-in for what I'm looking for. Thanks thoug
  8. Let me take a little time and wade through the contract rules. Thanks
  9. Startup or existing team? If startup, tell me about draft Thanks!
  10. Would prefer start-up, but willing to consider an existing team that is not a complete rebuild Strongly prefer deep minor league rosters. Have played 60+ in the past Prefer 30 team leagues, but would consider 20-30 No high buy-ins email me at dlockhart9@yahoo.com
  11. I run a Yahoo redraft league that, for years, has mostly rolled over the same GM's year-after-year. This season, however, a couple of folks have left, leaving some empty spots. The league has some unique settings in that it employs a lineup of 2QB, 2RB, 3WR, 2FLEX, 1TE, 1K and 2DEF and a healthy bench. Makes for a challenging draft. Currently scheduled to draft on 8/26 at 11:30AM EST, the league uses paypal for the $20 entry and pays back 100% of fees, promptly at the end of the year. Given how nominal the entry is, and how many of the GM's have been around for years, I have avoided the built-in fees associated with Leaguesafe. I know that some people are uncomfortable about that, so I allow any new members to take a look around the league, and talk to other members, before paying. But I also understand ahead of time, if it's just not for you. Email me at dlockhart9@yahoo.com if you are interested. Thanks for looking!
  12. Not a big entry fee though, and pays 100% of fee money out, spread to top 3