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  1. I finally had a really good, balanced offense and pitching staff and started chipping away at the 1st place guys I face a a guy with many of my best players playing 5 games this week and he has Thor, Sale and Morton all on 2 starts. Getting killed 9-1, this one is gonna hurt.
  2. Did you really need to jinx it 😑😑😑
  3. I’m all aboard on Dozier this year. Pls help with mine...
  4. I already have Tony Disco going, looking good. Anybody else with input on the rest of these guys with 4 open spots?
  5. Hicks is a stud, try it out and see what happens or ask them what they want
  6. He's got pretty good career numbers against both opponents this week, I hope he can get it back on track but not holding my breath.
  7. What does everyone think about his two start week? I'm thinking of rolling the dice with two plus matchups.
  8. Bump, anybody have any input? It would be greatly appreciated and WHIR
  9. I'd drop Eflin, agree with the first responder, Canning could be a stud. boomdizzol, please help boomzdaddy!
  10. Gray, only because of who he is playing. Please help -
  11. Need 5 starting SP's for a weekly league and in a rut on who to choose. League counts Wins, ERA, WHIP, K/9 - this is a big matchup for me, would appreciate any input and WHIR! 2 start pitchers Tanaka - Seattle and TB Martin Perez - Toronto and Detroit Desclafani - SF and SF Canning - Detroit and Baltimore 1 start pitchers Nola - STL Montas - Cleveland Boyd - Angels Strahm - Mets
  12. If this week is considered a cold spell with a .340 OBP, a few runs and a couple RBI’s, You won’t find me complaining.
  13. Maddon-ing, I had to drop him. He’s still on the wire in a league with many Cub fans.
  14. Texas is 3rd in runs and beats out AZ is almost every team category less games.