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  1. He is really bad today. Getting completely blasted this inning and fortunate to only have given up 1 run so far. He was visibly frustrated with the zone earlier which is something you don't see from Wainwright very often. The ump is terrible FWIW. The gun on tv has him at 87-88 with his fastball which is tough to get it done with. Pitch FX had him at basically the same MPH as last year but he only pitched 20 innings. Seems like he's going to be working with a sub 90 fastball at this point in his career. Sucks to see, he used to be my favorite pitcher to watch when he was dominant.
  2. Seems like a buy if he's not hurt.
  3. Roark has 3 k's in 14 innings as a reliever, huh? Until his last two outings he had 0 k's his first 12 innings. Strasburg for a guy who ends up with the numbers every year sure does seem like he puts up his share of turds.
  4. Used him on fan duel today randomly for the first time ever. Ok then.
  5. Starting to think there won't be any. He looks like a stud watching him pitch. I don't really get how he went from a scrub to this but it looks legit.
  6. Top 10 MLB pitcher, top 5 fantasy pitcher. Almost 40 more k's than innings in two of the last three years. Only 2 or 3 other guys in the league with his strikeout upside. Some pitchers can throw 95 and it gets hit though, it has to be something with how the hitters pick it up out of their hand. It is true there is nothing more satisfying than watching a guy like Harvey who can throw 97 middle-middle and have the hitter just swing and miss anyway.
  7. Wacha is the best Cardinals SP for end of year fantasy rank (not that bold) Anthony Rizzo is a bust and ends up as the 4th most valuable fantasy hitter on his team behind Soler, Byrant, and Castro Brandon Moss 35 homers in 500 PA's (would say 40 or leads the AL in homers but he will sit against some lefties)
  8. I am pretty much out on Harvey at his price. Owning Wainwright the first year off TJ was painful. At times he was the same guy of old and then some starts he just didn't have it. Not everyTJ is the same but there is a significant chance Harvey just won't be the same guy right away. He is being taken around guys like Hamels, Jordan Zim, Wainwright, etc. I mean if Harvey is 2013 version then yes he is better than all of those guys but I am not willing to bet on it when the other guys you can take int he same spot are such reliable options. This is all without mentioning the likelihood of an innings cap which I think is somewhat overrated but still a factor.
  9. I do not understand NFL trades. Are teams that bad at managing the salary cap? And why does another team not offer a higher pick for him? Saints get a center and the 31st pick. Apparently Unger is pretty good but still...
  10. He is still too expensive but I still believe one of these years it will all come together. I just don't know what year it will be of the next 3 or so. Once he puts it together and doesn't get hurt he will be a top 3 pick the next year. If he goes second round the year after doing pretty much nothing imagine where he goes when he actually hits.
  11. While everyone slobs on Mookie Betts, Rusney Castillo ends up as the most valuable Boston OF over both Betts and Hanley. Chris Davis leads the league in homers with 46 and also hits under .230.
  12. I have never owned him but target him every year. It is kind of odd how he feels like a guy who has had a couple mildly disappointing seasons yet the numbers are still great. The K's especially make him a safer investment for fantasy. The hits allowed from last year just has to be a bit of a fluke. I remember seeing the Giants vs Nationals NLDS game 2 where he gave up like 10 singles all ground balls up the middle, seemed like a microcosm of his season.
  13. Rashad Jennings. Dude is your prototype glass RB.
  14. Ray King would like a LOOGY role please.
  15. Haha. The categories that you don't want to get buried in early in the year is WHIP and to a lesser degree batting average. But the counting stats come in bunches often times. If you play in innings cap format, then you have to look at your K per inning and win (or quality start) per inning as opposed to the raw totals. There's always teams who are already 50 innings over pace for the cap and thus have more K's simply because of more innings. But pretty much... April standings are pretty meaningless. You just don't want to get buried in categories, especially the ratio ones.