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  1. He is really bad today. Getting completely blasted this inning and fortunate to only have given up 1 run so far. He was visibly frustrated with the zone earlier which is something you don't see from Wainwright very often. The ump is terrible FWIW. The gun on tv has him at 87-88 with his fastball which is tough to get it done with. Pitch FX had him at basically the same MPH as last year but he only pitched 20 innings. Seems like he's going to be working with a sub 90 fastball at this point in his career. Sucks to see, he used to be my favorite pitcher to watch when he was dominant.
  2. I guess this guy just isn't that good this year? Not striking people out. Didn't see the umpire today but I don't doubt he sucked. But Richards is not the same as last year so far at least.
  3. Wut. Get home and see his line, ok then. He has sucked for several starts before now too. His stuff is pretty nasty so I don't know what to think. Was he getting hammered today or bloops and bad command?
  4. Same old. 10 starts so far on the year, all 10 QS. 1 or 0 runs in 8 of 10.
  5. His fastball is suddenly getting whiffs whereas earlier in the year it was not at all. But his changeup is basically gone and that used to be his best strikeout pitch. He literally threw 6 total changeups today. KC doesn't strike out at all though to anyone.
  6. I don't even know how many ER he will be responsible for since there was one error. The relievers will surely let all 3 inherited runners so I think it might be 7 ER.
  7. Just to recap what happened because it does seem kind of weird. He tweaked it swinging the bat but finished the AB, went on to walk and run the bases (or jog i guess from what I read), alerted the trainer when he went back to the dugout, and went back to the clubhouse and didn't return. It seems so harmless but the fact that he went on the DL within an hour of the game indicates they know its a significant issue. I'll be happy with anything under a month.
  8. Injuries and closers. Same stuff every every year. Maybe one year I will not lose 50% of my top 10 picks to devastating long term injuries, but it will not be this year (nor any of the last 5 years.)
  9. Glass. I was about to try to trade his frail a** too. Should have done it earlier, ugh. Jack Curry @JackCurryYES · 1m1 minute ago Source: Ellsbury will go on the 15-day DL with knee injury. Heathcott will be recalled from AAA. No one is saying anything about what it is. He just got an MRI and instantly was put on the DL so this could be anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 months. This guy heals close to Rendon level rates, I had him a couple years back when he just couldn't get healthy. I'm expecting months rather than weeks.
  10. Stephen Drew two run single with the bases loaded for a 4 run inning and counting. 0 k's. See if he can actually get out Eovaldi to end the inning. Had a run of three good starts and he's back to being a complete scrub.
  11. His curve tonight looks like its straight out of Kerry Wood 20 k game. The movement on that is completely insane.
  12. http://www.mlive.com/tigers/index.ssf/2015/05/victor_martinez_available_to_p.html They are slated to face 9 RH in a row, now is the time to DL him but they refuse to do it. I don't even know if 2 weeks would do anything to help the knee but its worth a shot. The alternative is to watch him go about 4 for 35 over the next 10 days with a couple soft line drive and ground ball singles. I hate these situations because on the surface it looks like he's complete toast but we have to acknowledge we have no idea what shape his knee is in. He could start mashing at any time still. In 2013 he had a similar start and got red hot down the stretch. But right now he's unplayable even hitting in one of the top 3 lineup slots in all of baseball.
  13. I not only cut him after that PIT start but I have been stacking against him in daily. That PIT start was eye opening, one of the worst outings from a SP I have ever seen. It's almost like ER and IP do not actually tell the whole story, who would have thought?
  14. Nope. 4ip 4er 7hits 2k. There's Mr. Positivity gracing us with his presence. I thought trolls were supposed to be more clever? see you in this thread around 9:30 tonight. Sup breh?
  15. I swear he walks people on purpose when the ump doesn't give him the calls he wants. He whines and gets all flustered when a pitch isn't called and he and starts throwing balls that are not even close. He is truly an unwatchable pitcher. He's self destructive out there. Really loving the 40 innings of 1.50 WHIP on the season.