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  1. Drake and Yeldon for Hunt? 100% WHIR

    I'd take Hunt in a heartbeat. Make the trade.
  2. Who should be my WR2 for week 2? WHIR

    ECR says Davis is the one to play, but I'm not sure I feel great about him this week. Might lean towards Enunwa.
  3. I think i'd stay put. I don't think Bell is returning anytime soon.
  4. 10 team, half PPR league and WR is currently a weakness on my team. I took Ertz at TE in the 4th round round and my WR depth is suffering because of it. I picked up Randall Cobb and Kenny Golladay with my FAAB and hope one of them will develop into a consistent WR2. My other two WR's are Keenan Allen and Corey Davis. I've been offered Chris Hogan (who I was considering drafting in the 4th round instead of Ertz) for Corey Davis. My thought was to see things out with Corey Davis because he has a much higher ceiling, but I also might be biased due to Chris Hogan's lacklustre week 1 performance and Edelman returning in a few weeks. What would you do?
  5. Enunwa or Golladay for a WR stash

    I had the same choice in my league and went with Golladay. I think Enunwa probably has a higher floor but Golladay has a higher ceiling.
  6. 0.5 ppr trade whir

    I think I'd lean Gordon and TY. Help with mind?
  7. Easy reject for me. Even though you're weak at RB, Thomas is a game changer, especially in PPR. Help with mine?
  8. I'm sitting in 3rd after week 1 and I'm pretty happy with my team overall, however I'm pretty weak at WR2 and need to make some moves to solidify the position. The league is a 10 team, half ppr legue and there are some good options on the waiver wire. Current WR depth is Keenan Allen, Corey Davis, Sammy Watkins, Sterling Shepard. Randall Cobb went undrafted in our league and I'm going to make him the #1 priority, but i'd also like to make a play for Kenny Golladay. I'd have an opportunity to get them both since we use a FAAB. Is it crazy to look at dropping Watkins and Shepard for these two guys or is it too early to drop them? Or should I just pick up Cobb? Another option would be dropping 1 of my QB's (Luck and Stafford). I usually don't carry 2 QB's, but I'm not sure I'm ready to roll Luck out there every week yet, and I think Stafford has a better matchup next week, even though he was horrific tonight. What would you do? Thanks
  9. Randall Cobb 2018 Outlook

    Cobb went undrafted in our league (10 team, half PPR) and I'm evaluating using some FAAB on him. I'm pretty happy with my team overall, but I'm pretty weak at WR with my WR2 currently being Corey Davis. I actually drafted Geronimo Allison but I had to drop him for James Conner. The guy I'd be dropping for Cobb (or Allison) would be Sterling Shepard. I'm curious what guy out of the 3 has the highest likelihood of becoming a safe WR2 and how much FAAB I should bid for Cobb vs Allison out of my $200 budget.
  10. FAAB Questions and Discussion

    10 team, half ppr league. I'm pretty content with my team all around but my WR depth is suspect. Keenan Allen Corey Davis Sammy Watkins Sterling Shepherd Randall Cobb went undrafted in our league and I actually drafted Geronimo Allison with my last pick, but had to drop him to pick up James Conner. I'd like to pick up one of these guys but I have a few questions. Should I drop Shepard for one of them? Which one would you prioritize? And how much of my $200 FAAB should I spend? Thanks
  11. I had the 2nd pick. WR2 is very ugly and I need Davis or Watkins to hit. I kind of regret taking Ertz instead of Chris Hogan as he ended up going right after. Geronimo Allison was my last pick and he's strictly a high upside play. Wanted to grab one of Rodger's pass catchers. What do you think? QB: Andrew Luck RB: Le'Veon Bell RB: Devonta Freeman WR: Keenan Allen WR: Cory Davis TE: Zach Ertz FLEX: Lamar Miller D/ST: Rams K: Will Lutz BN: Sammy Watkins BN: Sony Michel BN: Jamaal Williams BN: Sterling Shepard BN: Matt Stafford BN: Geronimo Allison
  12. CJ Anderson 2017 season outlook

    Thoughts on him the rest of the season? I'm going to be picking up Perine with my #1 waiver and I'm trying to decide between dropping him or Doug Martin. My initial thought was to drop Anderson, but I'm curious if the change to Musgrave at OC and Lynch at QB might make this overall offense better. I'm wondering if they'll consider trying to get the running game going with implementing a bell cow rather the the 3 way time share we've seen up to this point. I feel like Anderson runs hard and has looked good at times this year, especially when he gets his carries.
  13. Roster help? WHIR

    Who would you drop to take Corey Coleman off IR? From this list: Rams D/ST, Rivers, JuJu, Parker, AP, Mixon (or could drop Coleman) Rams D/ST- Pit has some nice matchups the next few weeks, so you'll likely be starting them anyways. Would you drop any of those players to make a claim on Perine? That's tough. I'm pretty high on Perine, but I'm not sure if he's a lock to be better than those guys. Would Probably drop AP or Coleman for him. Would you drop any of these WRs: Coleman, Parker, JuJu to make a claim on Agholor, Westbrook or Josh Gordon? No
  14. Who do I drop for Perine? WHIR

    I'm having the same dilemma. Out of those guys I'd drop Smith. He didn't show much last night. Help with mine?
  15. I like that trade for your team assuming Fournette can stay healthy. It balances out your RB and WR depth. Your team is insanely good even for a 10 team league. Help with mine?