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  1. Game Day Weather 2018

    Any updates from Cincinnati? Am I safe to start Dalton?
  2. FAAB Questions and Discussion

    I dropped Lamar Miller last week and am now in desperate need of a RB this week with Michel likely being out and Cook being a huge question mark. Is it worth putting in a bid to get Miller back or was last week a complete anomaly? I have $118 out of my $200 budget left. How much would you spend? Could also go after a cheaper guy like Mostart, Richard, Barner, etc...
  3. Who's my drop??? (WHIR!)

    Why is no one saying Foreman? Is he in an IR spot? No guarantee he bounces back from the achilles injury. Help with mine?
  4. QB Conundrum....WHIR!!!

    Probably go with Ryan as well. Help with mine?
  5. I think i'd take the Kamara side slightly. Dude might be the MVP of fantasy this year and I think Wilson and Baldwin will get it going as the year goes on. Tough decision though. Help with mine?
  6. I've been offered Dalvin Cook and Allan Robinson for Devonta Freeman in my half PPR league. Cook's injury concerns me, but I could likely get Murray thrown in if I add another piece. Should I do it? Current RB/WR depth is below: RB: Conner, Freeman, Michel, Miller, Hines, Bell WR: Allen, Golladay, Davis, Watkins, Callaway Thanks!
  7. I'd make that trade in a second. Definitely pull the trigger! Help with mine?
  8. Start/sit help WHIR

    I think i'd probably roll with Stafford as well. However, if you're dead set on streaming I'd probably slightly lean to Eli.
  9. Start Agholor or Marvin Jones JR WHIR

    Would also go with Jones. Help with mine?
  10. Looking to make a trade to upgrade my WR2 slot while selling Miller (not sure about his outlook for the rest of the year). I'm trying to structure a trade around getting rid of him and acquiring Baldwin, but I'm curious what other parts I should be adding in to balance out the deal. Teams are below. Let me know what you think: My Team: QB: Stafford, Luck RB: Conner, Bell, D. Freeman, Miller, Michel, J. Williams WR: Allen, Golladay, Watkins, Davis, Cobb TE: Ertz His Team: QB: Cousins RB: Kamara, Hunt, R. Freeman, A. Jones, Barber, Ware WR: Sanders, Tate, Cooper, Baldwin, Agholor TE: Rudolph My first thought is to ask for Aaron Jones as a part of the deal as well, but what WR should I offer on my end to balance out the deal? Or should I scrap this idea all together and try to package Miller with one of my WR's and try to target a different WR all together? Scoring is half ppr. Thanks
  11. Kerryon Johnson 2018 Outlook

    He was dropped in my league before this week. Thinking about putting a bid in for him. What % of my FAAB do I need to use to have a chance at him in a half ppr league?
  12. FAAB Questions and Discussion

    Also interested in this, but for half ppr. Kerryon Johnson was just dropped in our league this week. What % do I toss at him?
  13. Drake and Yeldon for Hunt? 100% WHIR

    I'd take Hunt in a heartbeat. Make the trade.
  14. Who should be my WR2 for week 2? WHIR

    ECR says Davis is the one to play, but I'm not sure I feel great about him this week. Might lean towards Enunwa.
  15. I think i'd stay put. I don't think Bell is returning anytime soon.