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  1. Didn't even see this but was going to come by and say the same thing. This guy reeks of juice.
  2. And to think I was going to wait on pitching and attempt to build my staff around him. Somewhat glad I missed him- but still it's early and I expect him to make the necessary adjustments.
  3. Hitting in between Kinsler and Miggy makes him a pretty tough drop. It hasn't even been 3 weeks yet.
  4. I drafted this dude in the 19th round at pick 272. 15 teams SV+H league. He is currently ranked 29th overall in my league. He makes a lot of batters look absolutely silly.
  5. It's not exactly a secret the Cardinals pen has been atrocious early on. Simple explanation as to why he went back out there.
  6. So frustrating. He was in a few binds but got out of em. Good for him though .. promising for us owners.
  7. He didn't exactly pitch well in his 6 starts @ Fenway last season (6.43/1.61). The one game vs the O's he only lasted 2 innings giving up 5. Next outing against the Yanks, he lasted 3 innings, giving up 4. Prone to the long ball against the O's isn't exactly comforting either. I think he's a match up pitcher at Fenway and someone you can usually rely on for road starts.
  8. I was going to start him but looking deeper into some numbers has swayed me to sit him.Thinking absolute best case is 6IP 3ER.
  9. I'm in a deep, 15 team league and had Triggs in today. The typical take em out at 5.2 IP... nice ratios, 1K. Had a few base runners here and there but overall poised and a solid start.
  10. You need a 4K Directv receiver: The Masters in 4K starts today at 10AM.
  11. Directv carrying 25 MLB games in 4K again this year. Watched Cubs Cards last night in 4K- it was beautiful. 4/4 – Cubs @ Cardinals4/12 – Dodgers @ Cubs4/21 – Nationals @ Mets4/27 – Yankees @ Red Sox4/28 – Cubs @ Red Sox
  12. Not what I meant. I'm just seeing a lot of what are likely over projections that will probably turn into a lot of disappointed managers.
  13. This guy is certainly getting the 2016 Carlos Correa treatment.
  14. Watched the entire PR DR game last night and could not go to bed. It truly felt like October baseball. Emotion, drama and a great rivalry. An absolutely disgraceful performance by the HP ump - just completely destroyed the integrity of the game. Tony Pena had every right to blow a fuse. These kinds of things MUST be looked at by officials. It's not even a matter of making a mistake, it was completely unacceptable. This guy should never see a day in the MLB.
  15. Pretty sure MLB Extra Innings subscribers should also get for free. You can usually link your accounts come opening day.