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  1. Auto-bench against lefties right now. The entire team is a mess at the moment, once they come out of the fog Yelich should start seeing an improvement.
  2. 68th ranked player in my 15 team roto league ERA/WHIP/QS/K/SV+HLD. Super valuable and I'd like to think he's valuable in a majority of leagues purely on the K/9. He will vulture wins in those leagues as well as the odd Hold and or Save. I have no idea what the problem is.
  3. Pitchers or Batters.
  4. I am streaming him tonight.
  5. Cubs mashing lefties to start early in the season. Feel like E-rod should be benched here. Only thing keeping me on the fence is that no one in the Cubs line up has seen him before.
  6. Someone remind me why I semi-reached for DJ?
  7. Didn't even see this but was going to come by and say the same thing. This guy reeks of juice.
  8. And to think I was going to wait on pitching and attempt to build my staff around him. Somewhat glad I missed him- but still it's early and I expect him to make the necessary adjustments.
  9. Hitting in between Kinsler and Miggy makes him a pretty tough drop. It hasn't even been 3 weeks yet.
  10. I drafted this dude in the 19th round at pick 272. 15 teams SV+H league. He is currently ranked 29th overall in my league. He makes a lot of batters look absolutely silly.
  11. It's not exactly a secret the Cardinals pen has been atrocious early on. Simple explanation as to why he went back out there.
  12. So frustrating. He was in a few binds but got out of em. Good for him though .. promising for us owners.
  13. He didn't exactly pitch well in his 6 starts @ Fenway last season (6.43/1.61). The one game vs the O's he only lasted 2 innings giving up 5. Next outing against the Yanks, he lasted 3 innings, giving up 4. Prone to the long ball against the O's isn't exactly comforting either. I think he's a match up pitcher at Fenway and someone you can usually rely on for road starts.
  14. I was going to start him but looking deeper into some numbers has swayed me to sit him.Thinking absolute best case is 6IP 3ER.
  15. I'm in a deep, 15 team league and had Triggs in today. The typical take em out at 5.2 IP... nice ratios, 1K. Had a few base runners here and there but overall poised and a solid start.