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  1. One of the most electrifying players to watch in all of baseball.
  2. His lead off stats are just ridiculous. Roberts always struck me as the type of coach to ignore these things and do things "his way".
  3. I'll take it. Need another Buccos win for the Cubbies to jump into first.
  4. Strangest scheduling for a Saturday
  5. 3B is so ridiculously deep I'm not so sure how huge it would be. Unless you're in an 18 team league.
  6. Tough to make transition from 1B to 3B. Also, Matt Adams on a hot streak is not a reason to make such a drastic move. Braves aren't doing anything this year, so in grand scheme I guess it really doesn't matter. Freeman is just an awesome dude all around.
  7. He will be sitting at .285/90/32/100 by end of year. All it takes is one month. Just got engaged yesterday too- so maybe there's been some subconscious distractions.
  8. Thinking of benching him tomorrow at Milwaukee.
  9. Auto-bench against lefties right now. The entire team is a mess at the moment, once they come out of the fog Yelich should start seeing an improvement.
  10. 68th ranked player in my 15 team roto league ERA/WHIP/QS/K/SV+HLD. Super valuable and I'd like to think he's valuable in a majority of leagues purely on the K/9. He will vulture wins in those leagues as well as the odd Hold and or Save. I have no idea what the problem is.
  11. Pitchers or Batters.
  12. I am streaming him tonight.
  13. Cubs mashing lefties to start early in the season. Feel like E-rod should be benched here. Only thing keeping me on the fence is that no one in the Cubs line up has seen him before.
  14. Someone remind me why I semi-reached for DJ?
  15. Didn't even see this but was going to come by and say the same thing. This guy reeks of juice.