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  1. He's 26, a sore shoulder isn't going to last forever.
  2. If I had to estimate the percentage of casuals to serious managers, I'd say it's something like 70% casual, 30% serious on Yahoo. Of those casuals, I bet they wouldn't even be able to answer what the stat OBP actually accounts for beyond just "getting on base".
  3. If anyone else is having trouble. Yahoo decided to change your default email to your yahoo username @ I never personally used yahoo mail before, so it was going to this address instead of my personal that I've always used on the site. There's a drop down below on the mock draft lobby.
  4. How do you get the results of your mock drafts emailed to you? Somehow that's stopped this season?
  5. Cashman was on the FAN with Francesa tonight and they touched a lot on Voit/Bird. Sounds like Bird is going to be the odd man out unless he surprises big time and goes nuts this spring. Cash didn't guarantee anything but he wasn't giving any indicators Voit is in jeopardy for the job. Sounds like it's his. ..sorry just saw others posted this tidbit already.
  6. Voit will also need to go through the adjustment phase where teams now have more data to find ways to get him out more often. I don't want to deny the kid's skill set but he needs to show it again. I was kinda surprised to see his ADP sitting at 226. Even with his non repeatable 41% hr/f, he's worth a stab in that line up and park.
  7. A pure joy to watch on the field and the box score.
  8. One of the top pitchers in the game with an elbow problem that comes and goes.
  9. Oh I totally get it. There was a time where the product needed a lot of work. This is not the case for awhile now.
  10. I honestly don't understand how cheap some people can be. If you're into baseball, and you're invested in fantasy baseball enough to be on this site, then the $120 you spend for the year is outstanding value. If you're having quality issues, likely your issues are ISP, home wireless, or the platform you're viewing on is inferior. Apple TV Gen 4 and up is 100% perfect quality. The only thing I miss cutting the cord with Directv and MLB EI is that I no longer get the 8 game mosaic channel.
  11. I sent an email to help- and looks like they changed it! Nice!! Still need SSL though.
  12. Why on earth is it weekly line ups? Daily is the only way. What categories and roster positions.
  13. Please add the same R icon that you get at to Also, why can't you guys configure https?
  14. Hey all, been running my league for over 10 years and want to join up with others. Looking for large rosters, and categories; ERA,WHIP, K, SV,QS, and OBP, RBI,R,SB, HR. Here is my yahoo fantasy profile:
  15. 90 pitches in 4 innings.. last night. Looked great but needed a lot of pitches.