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  1. I’d say Penny. He could be out today due to hamstring injury. Help with mine
  2. I want to add Diontae Johnson and Trayveon Williams as possible cuff to Mixon. Who are the drops? WHIR QB Mahomes, Carr RB Gore Carson Mixon Ty Jonnson T Cohen WR Watkins Hardman D Samuel Agholar J Gordon Arcega-Whiteside TE Andrews Waller D/ST Chargers
  3. In one of my leagues I have Jaylen Samuels as a cuff for Connor. I also have Shady. Do I drop Samuels for Darwin Thompson? My other RB are Justin Jackson and Mostert. We can only roster 5 RB. WHIR
  4. I have a mediocre RB core: Mixon,Carson, T Cogen,Gore,Ty Johnson. I was offered Penny for Mixon. Do I do it? WHIR
  5. Agree. Perhaps he’s the one to focus on. You never know.
  6. I like this trade. With AB in New England Michel could be really effective..
  7. Which one of Mecole Hardman or Deebo Samuel is the cut for Arcega-Whiteside? WHIR