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  1. If you've filed out your roster and he drops well below ADP and is available later.... Batting behind Machado, Renewed sense winning in SD, Still only 29. I'll take that gamble on Cyborg Hosmer in 2019
  2. MVS and not even close. THis one might be a closer call: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/734640-golladay-mvs-or-a-robinson-pick-2-to-start/
  3. I'd think you roll with Collins here. I don't expect CIN to put up a fight and this seems like a BAL establish run game. Help here:
  4. In this case, I think Davis. Looks like Mariota & TEN offense woke up and targets will be there all day. (Kerryon I'd like more if Riddick wasn't back. ) Go Davis. Help here?>
  5. Drop for a more reliable starting option this last week?
  6. I have to believe if Cobb were to be traded/cut, Geronimo Allison would be the hottest of pickups. Where would you rank him if Cobb was sent packing?
  7. Gotta go Barkley . THen personally I'd go Gronk but not everyone will agree with that.... Help here? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/712485-cook-or-mccaffery-non-ppr/
  8. If you don't own Bell go with Powell HOW about this:
  9. Draft today and I need to decide between these two. Curious who people would take and why?
  10. Does anyone have Cook ahead of CMC in their (nonppr) rankings?
  11. Heading into (std) drafts this weekend, is Cook ahead of McCaffery in your rankings?