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  1. i really really don't like marte this season or going forward - i agree with the guys above in holding on to tallion. all in all quite a solid team, however i do agree with the guys above in looking to trade away a 1B (and possibly an OF) along with price, verlander, kluber (probably in that order) sorry for the delay and thanks for the help on mine
  2. Hey sorry for the delayed response - thanks for the help on mine! All in all, it looks like a solid squad. I do agree with flyman that you may be short on SBs, however i wouldnt be too concerned as you are 1-2 FA acquisitions or even a solid trade away from at least being in the hunt. I like your pitchers. definitely quality but I'm not too high on berrios or pivetta as 6kill mentioned. however, this is a good rotation considering how stacked your RPs are. Just as in the batters, I feel you're about a trade away from tying up some loose ends.
  3. I'm a huge fan of Clev so i think it makes sense to get him - he could end up being an SP1 anchor. from there i think getting Puig makes more sense. However i wouldnt knock you if you wanted both Puig + Vlad and the gun for SPs later on in the draft, but understand that if you decide to go with Vlad + Puig then you are taking a risk in that you might not get the SPs you are gunning for which would in turn really hurt your overall team. I'm a bigger fan of the safer approach of getting Clev, letting him be your anchor and then roll with Puig
  4. I totally agree with y'all about McNeil. While I really do like McNeil, I just dont think my league is deep enough to justify him. Now the good news here is that Ramirez is 2B eligible in Yahoo so that would mean i can get a 3B as well. I feel that would be the easier route to go here since I have a 6x6 format that does somewhat favor power - which is what i can more easily get at 3B. Had my eye on Chapman in the draft and he got taken just before I could get him. The owner is in need of some pitching so I may try and grab Chapman while I can. Anyone else have any feedback?
  5. Just completed my draft. All in all I have to say that I'm not too pleased with what I got due to the fact that I decided to take an unneeded risk in taking Severino with the 78th overall pick. It was fair to good value from what ADPs are showing, and could be a steal should be come back to even 75-80% of form, but it threw my game off and my next few picks were not so great (Kimbrell, Brantley etc). I think my keepers (Trout, Ramirez and Lindor) are what saved my subpar draft tonight. While I do feel I have a team that can compete, there are some areas I missed in value in the draft. It seems I'm really relying on injured, unsigned or deeper sleeper players to really help take my team from average to the next level. Would greatly appreciate any and all feedback! Any recommendations on what to focus on/FA/trades would also be greatly appreciated as well! WHIR as always and team and league settings in sig.
  6. yep i totally agree - i figured things might be a bit slow on here since the season is pretty much done. just trying to throw my plea out there while i had the chance. i probably should have been a bit more proactive and done it sooner - however i really appreciate both y'alls responses!
  7. thanks man - could i get your thoughts on the other items if you have a moment too?
  8. anything guys? i would appreciate any and all feedback - not much time for me to make these moves considering its playoffs time
  9. - yates > peralta with out a doubt - i totally agree that betances should be firmly kept in your line up - i actually like the logic of cutting bait on dominguez and rolling with the cards pen
  10. im not excited about any of those guys lol. if i had to pick one i would say minor here
  11. i agree with you here
  12. i'm liking sal more here if i had to choose between the two. good luck in the playoffs my friend! help with mine please?
  13. im also liking newcomb here help with mine please?
  14. trea without question help with mine please?