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  1. i will take it if he can pay asap
  2. Yahoo 12-Team League H2H $20

    i am not degrading or promoting...but yahoo has pro leagues at 20/50/100/250/500 and you dont have to send them a check
  3. c'mon fat bob the last thing you need is......... some undercutting non union........ i will do it for less than you kinda schmuck mcdonalds is never gonna pay 15 bucks an hour so tell these others to move on fantasy baseball GAME ON
  4. i would do it..."if" i could keep 6 or 7 from current team then have choice of any free agent not kept by other teams prior to draft to fill out my 12 are the teams currently down to their 12 keepers? you say it is a 6x7 H2H what are the cats?
  5. wow...those leagues have alot of catagories
  6. Need members for new Dynasty league

    oooops emailed you
  7. Need members for new Dynasty league

    send league constitution...interested
  8. i would be interested but DAK is do you prevent managers from quitting the league at the end of the year if there team is horrible...then the next guy has to join and lose for multiple years....if you can tweak it to where there is more parody i would be interested
  9. if you didnt get the email mine is
  10. sure hit me
  11. if you gotta draft they opened up the 2018 season today