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  1. if anyone is interested in drafting money leagues
  2. send invite will pay ASAP...thanks
  3. re-send invite missed it last night i went out and
  4. Draft tonight!! 8pm est. ESPN money league

    i emailed you earlier and got no if this is a go i am in
  5. i might be interested can you send me the league
  6. starting to get that sinking feeling i had in 1977 when i quit boy scouts............................i am OUT of here
  7. Leaguesafe cannot be commish has complete control................please switch to majority approval was ready to pay until i noticed
  8. i would be interested if you have it as a snake How about this brad kinda obvious
  9. hey i would be interested and can pay ASAP but i would like to join the league before i would pay 1 minute after joining