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  1. I never buy this “he’s just resting his shoulder today” type stuff that was being said about Bellinger yesterday. Need you big man, be healthy today.
  2. Dropped weeks ago in 12 teamer. Was picked up for his double starts this week where he proceeded to blow up his teams peripherals twice. Low K rate makes him worthless when he’s going bad.
  3. People are getting impatient. Was dropped in a 12 team league with shallow benches.
  4. Will be happy if he’s back in early May.
  5. It was fun while it lasted. Expecting the worst. Barking elbow sounds not so good.
  6. Joe Mauer! My friend is a PT. I asked her about this term when they used that years ago. She said something like "that's not a real thing, that guy has a bad back". 😃
  7. "TIghtness in legs". That's a new one.
  8. Of course. Just having a pitcher who doesn't strike anyone out kills me. Not going to be startable for awhile. Will hold him for a couple weeks.
  9. I knew drafting Mikolas was going to be a mistake.
  10. He can cry like a baby all he wants, nothing will come of that. Way more concerned with this injury that rotoworld seems to think is there. Wasn’t able to watch the game so don’t know if he was limping or looked hurt.
  11. He's good. Unless AB is hurt he's still going to go off at times. Think Ben is the real winner here.
  12. Also wondering this. Rotoworld blurb is the only place mentioning this that I can find.
  13. They need to teach this guy to slide feet first.