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  1. -Yordan's expected BABIP is .336 and HR/FB is 29.6% based on batted ball data. -As of today, Yordan has a 181 wRC+. That's the best hitter in baseball in the best lineup in baseball. Trout is second with a 179 wRC+.
  2. Incredibly interesting right now.
  3. Pretty simple in my opinion. Just playing splits. Away team, I believe must submit their lineup before the home team. Milone: He gets to face Choo and Mazara in the top 3, so he's an easy start. Then there is the LAA vs LAD game. Dodgers are home so LAA have to submit their lineup first. Really quite puzzling why the LAA would throw another righty when LAD are loaded with lefties, but they be dumb. Throwing a righty versus Joc, Verdugo and Turner. Teams probably should always throw a lefty opener versus LAD. Congrats, you got no advantage with that move LAA. Maybe Taylor Cole has a changeup and reverse splits, only thing I can think of.
  4. The chase for 60 hrs: 2019 Baseball's Overall Home Run Leaders: 1-Kevin Cron (33) 2-Yordan Alvarez (32) 3-Christian Yelich (31 - 55-homer pace as of 7-11) 4-Cody Bellinger (30 - 53-homer pace as of 7-11) 5-Peter Alonso (30 - 54-homer pace as of 7-11) 2019 Fangraph's MLB Hard Hit % Leaders (90 PA min): 1-Nelson Cruz (56.2%) 2-Yordan Alvarez (56.1%) 3-Joey Gallo (55.1%) 4-Matt Olson (54.4%) 5-Christian Yelich (54.4%)
  5. Out of the lineup again with a DH in play. Did he lose his job and now mans the weakside of a platoon with Naylor?
  6. Came across this: Mark: Has Anthony Kay pushed into a top 100 guy? Seems like his stuff is back and maybe better than ever. Keith Law: Stuff is back, healthy, don’t think the stuff is any better but he needed more time to recover his command and be able to hold his stuff deep into games. I’m like a broken record on this but not every guy who has TJ comes back fresh as a daffodil the moment he returns to pro ball. Some guys take way longer, some need a second surgery (Espinoza and Ragans already this year), some just never come back. Keith Law: Anyway, yeah, Kay’s pretty damn good. And this: Anthony Kay – (NYM AA) LHP ETA 2020 The Mets picked Anthony Kay with the 31st overall pick, a compensatory pick they received when Daniel Murphy signed with the Nationals, in 2016. Kay did not pitch in games after being drafted and had Tommy John surgery in the Fall of 2016, which caused him to miss the entire 2017 season. In 2018, he pitched in two levels, A and A+, with a 4.54 and 3.88 ERA respectively. Kay has been even better in AA, a pretty aggressive assignment by the Mets. In 50.2 innings, Kay has 52 strikeouts to only 17 walks. He SwStk% is back up to double digits as well. As of the post, his 1.07 ERA is second only to Zach Plesac, who I wrote about last week, and has been promoted to AAA. Kay has an average fastball and a plus changeup and curveball. I would take a flyer on Kay in most dynasty leagues. Hopefully, he can be healthier than another Mets pitcher that went to the same high school, Steven Matz.
  7. I hate catchers. Finally found a good one and. nah..
  8. -I was wondering wtf is going on here and found this article by Jeff Zimmerman where he fell into his AAA super sleeper group trying to identify the next out of nowhere breakouts. Age between 24-27 with these AAA stats: 13.4 BB% (AAA average - 8.8 BB%) 26.6 K% (AAA average - 21.3 K%) 38.4 GB% (AAA average - 43.6 GB%) .250 ISO (AAA average - .150 ISO) -Mitch's 8 hr is currently 3rd for catchers behind Gary Sanchez (11 hr) and Wilson Contreras (9 hrs).
  9. Because they typically pull him late in games when they have the lead. Hitting him 2nd allows him to get that extra at bat in late in the game before they sub in a defensive replacement.
  10. From 5-4-19: "It's pretty clear he can hit right now in the big leagues," general manager Jeff Luhnow said Saturday. "I think for him to have the maximum impact on this team, we need him to be able to play a position and I do think left field is where he has the best chance to play for us, especially in our ballpark, and he is making strides." Listed at 6-5 and 225 pounds, Álvarez is "actually a faster person than you would anticipate," according to Luhnow. Routes and reaction times have been slower for Álvarez to grasp in the outfield, Luhnow said, perhaps the only thing holding Álvarez back from a major league call-up. "If (Álvarez) is coming up, he's coming up to play, and if he comes up and hits .210, that's not going to help our team. I need to make sure he's going to help our team, but he certainly is making it a conversation, not just with our fans, but internally."
  11. Murray was only 6'2'' though. What brings you to that comp? I've heard a lot people reference Dave Parker, I suppose because both are huge lefty 6'5'' frames with a body stride forward during their swings. But Parker was a bit before my time so I don't really know. The patience, frame and opposite field approach from a lefty reminds me a little bit of David Ortiz, but maybe I'm getting a bit ahead of myself comparing someone playing with juiced (regular MLB) balls in the PCL. The leader board is a bit ridiculous, 23 players in the PCL with an OPS above 1.000. Maybe earlier career Ryan Howard with better plate discipline, both have tons of opposite field homers. Funny to me, ZIPs comps him to Nick Markakis which seems a bit weird, but 22 year old Markakis put up a .291 BA / .351 OB / .799 OPS with 16 HR in 542 PA. Alvarez is about to turn 22 (June 27), that would be a respectable debut even if it doesn't meet the hype. Any other decent comps?
  12. Easy opposite field power. His 3-HR game.
  13. Batting 8th today per the lineup card.