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  1. Yordan Alvarez 1B HOU

    From the article: We’ve drawn two lines here on the fly ball distance axis, one at 106 and one at 112. The 112 line is significant in that batters who had an average age of 23 or under and posted a 112 FB Dist+ or greater have been very successful in the majors. If you aren’t all in on Yordan Alvarez yet, get excited now. He generates Joey Gallo type power, with significantly less swing and miss; Alvarez is 23 percent better than his peers, while Gallo was about 100 percent worse than his. He may be more of a fantasy baseball asset than a real-life WAR generator due to his defensive shortcomings, but when he arrives he should hit for average and plenty of power.
  2. 8/8 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Backwards comp... Tyler O'Neill = Mark Trumbo.. Trumbo is a beast in H2H.
  3. 8/8 - GAME DAY THREAD

    After the success stories of Cole and Morton. Dude and org blows. Nice park though.
  4. Ryan McMahon 2018 Outlook

    He's never played the OF before. That said, moving McMahon to 1B versus righties and Desmond to replace Parra in the OF seems like an obvious upgrade.
  5. Matt Adams 2018 Outlook

    Real quick, who failed math class? -Ryan Zimmerman vs Righties: 2018: .159/.216/.545 Last 3 years: .251/.305/.748 Career: .270/.328/.789 -Matt Adams vs Righties: 2018: .292/.370/.965 Last 3 years: .265/.318/.804 Career: .287/.337/.843 Martinez hanging onto Zimmerman's 2017 breakout when he slashed .295/.349/.895 verse righties, which still falls short of Adam's production this year.
  6. Garrett Hampson 2018 Outlook

    Yeah, I use baseball reference to see games played by position. Someone will be the future backup/platoon. It's a numbers game until someone is traded. 2019 Depth Chart: 1B-Desmond/McMahon 2B-Hampson/Rodgers/McMahon 3B-Arrendo/McMahon/Desmond/Welker (2020) SS-Story/Rodgers OF-Blackmon, Tapia and Dahl You maybe right and I'm not giving Hampson enough credit for his infield defense, but that 70-grade speed would cover a lot of ground in the outfield. I like Hampson a lot for fantasy, but he wasn't that great in AAA after you consider context. AAA stats: .312 avg, .371 obp, .833 ops. Those are great numbers on the surface. However, on his AAA team, this is where he ranks, Avg (6th best), obp (5th best), OPS (11th best). Would be a safe bet to assume he went through some sort of adjustment phase as his k-rate jumped up to 18.1% which is the highest its been in his minor league career. The fact Colorado put him on the 40 man was surprising and speaks well for Hampson's chances going into next year. Seems like they actually like him unlike McMahon and Tapia. Hopefully he can keep that K-rate below 20% and impress Bud Black before DJ is back.
  7. Garrett Hampson 2018 Outlook

    Yup, that's why he started 17 games at 2b. Also 17 at 3b. 51 at SS. Looking at the Rockies roster construction and there is an obvious and glaring need for a good right handed outfielder. Next year after Parra (L) and Cargo (L) leave, they have Charlie Blackmon (L) who should move to a corner and two other left handers in Tapia and Dahl. They could move Desmond where his bat would play a little better, but Hampson is the fastest in that bunch and it makes sense to move him to center field when lefties are starting. I expect him to open 2019 as their starting 2B and he moves into a platoon role backing up 2b, ss, 3b and OF once Rodgers passes super 2 status. Starts in center versus lefties. I'm pretty sure the Rockies resigned Blackmon because they already know they won't be able to sign Arenado, which would open an infield position back up for him if he plays well after next year.
  8. Garrett Hampson 2018 Outlook

    His skill set in Coors. This is going to be a fun ride for as long as it last.
  9. 7/15 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Futures Game (4pm): U.S. Team starting lineup (RHP: Mitch Keller, Pirates) 1. CF: Jo Adell, Angels 2. SS: Bo Bichette, Blue Jays 3. 2B: Brendan Rodgers, Rockies 4. 1B: Nate Lowe, Rays 5. DH: Keston Hiura, Brewers 6. RF: Alex Kirilloff, Twins 7. C: Danny Jansen, Blue Jays 8. LF: Kyle Lewis, Mariners 9. 3B: Ke'Bryan Hayes, Pirates World Team starting lineup (LHP: Jesus Luzardo (Venezuela), A's) 1. CF: Luis Alexander Basabe (Venezuela), White Sox 2. SS: Fernando Tatis Jr. (D.R.), Padres 3. LF: Yusniel Diaz (Cuba), Dodgers 4. DH: Seuly Matias (D.R.), Royals 5. 1B: Yordan Alvarez (Cuba), Astros 6. 2B: Luis Urias (Mexico), Padres 7. RF: Jesus Sanchez (D.R.), Rays 8. C: Miguel Amaya (Panama), Cubs 9. 3B: Dawel Lugo (D.R.), Tigers
  10. 2018 "Deep" Sleepers

    Like clockwork last night in AA: 7 IP 3 H (3 2B) 1 R / ER 1 BB 13 K 3 go – 1 fo Looking at his AA game log, he's struck out 11, 12 and 13 during his last 8-starts. Good tout.
  11. Mark Trumbo 2018 Outlook

    Partying like it's 2016 with 2-bombs yesterday. How's he doing this year? Missed all of April. Hit 2 hrs in May. Hit 6 hrs in June and 2 yesterday to start July. 2016: 47 hrs and 125 wRC+ 2018: 116 wRC+ AB per HR: 2016: 13.04 (1st) 2018: 18.4 (44th)
  12. Nick Pivetta 2018 Outlook

    As a Phil's fan and non-owner, this one is easy to explain. 2018 Vs RHB: .226/.282/.674 (Avg/OB%/OPS) Vs LHB: .290/.365/.832 (Avg/OB%/OPS)
  13. Freddy Peralta 2018 Outlook

    Filthy Freddy is here to stay..
  14. Freddy Peralta 2018 Outlook

    Freddy's fun facts: MLB K/9 = 13.90 (1/188 starters with 20+ innings) AAA - 12.8 K/9 (Tied for second best K/9 of any starting pitcher with Josh James who are both behind Josh Staumont at 12.9 in the PCL) AA - 12.9 K/9 (Lead all starting pitchers in the Southern League. In second place was Michael Kopech at 11.7)
  15. Freddy Peralta 2018 Outlook

    In this one, I thought maybe 3-4 of the fly balls out of 7 total fly outs were almost automatic straight up pop outs (SS, 2 CF, maybe 1 to RF too, can't recall exactly). Also got 2 little league dribblers (P & 1B). I almost get the impression that he is a plus contact manager in addition to the plus plus strikeout ability because hitters just can't pick him up or square him up. Let's investigate further by looking at every starting pitcher to pitch 20 innings this year: -In his 22.2 MLB innings: Soft: 20% (55/186) Medium: 52.5% (13/186) Hard: 27.5% (8/186) Fly Ball %: 48.7% (176/186; of course Verlander is last) IFFB%: 15.8% (18/186) -Other stats including Minors: Hits: 2017-AA = 38hits/63 innings; 2018-AAA = 16hits/32.1 innings (Away only); and 2018-MLB = 7hits/22 innings) K/9: 2017-AA-12.86 K/9; 2018-AAA-12.81; and 2018-MLB 13.90 HR: 2017-AA-2HR in 63.2innings, 2018-1hr in 22.2 MLB innings and 2018-AAA- 1hr in 59 innings (it came during his 26.2 innings at Colorado Springs (6.5k ft, Coors 5.2k ft)). -So we got a much shorter, more athletic Carter Capps that no one can pick up based on how he limits hits, prevents hard contact and his ability to miss bats. Misses bats by throwing a darting fastball (with lots of extension) all over the zone, but especially high which helps setup his curveball that he was burying yesterday. I don't know what to expect going forward, but I'll bet it takes the NL (sit vs WSH) until next year to figure him out.