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Just a friendly reminder on the bidding process - all new player nominations were to be entered before Thursday 11:59 ET as per the rules.

[N]ew player threads for bidding can be created only on Wed-Thurs of each week (the deadline for new player thread for bidding is 1159 PM ET Thursday night).

If you have any questions, ask RRF - I'm just going off the listed rules

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Given the problems we've encountered with enforcing the eligibility rules for real-life promotions of MILB players who are not already owned, and the issue with promoting players won through bidding and their interference with the weekly 5-add limit on CBS, after extensive discussion the Commissioners have agreed to enact the 2 rule changes, effective immediately.

As this is a very unusual situation in that in-season rule changes are being done, the added detail is being provided here to ensure that all owners understand the rationale going forward.


1. 2012 CBS WW Eligibility For Adding:

Previous Rule – Players MUST be called up in real-life to be picked up on CBS. This means an official callup is announced on a major news source (RW, CBS, ESPN, Yahoo, Rotowire, or by the team’s hometown newspaper as an article. Twitter is NOT sufficient. It also means a planned call-up does not count – but it HAS to be official.

Current Problem - With Twitter and more online sources reporting planned callups – 4 teams have jumped the gun with adds, and for the 5th add, confusion reigned on when the player was officially active. With the first 4 players, this meant the players went on the WW – a

New Change For 2012 (EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY)MILB players who are confirmed as being called up for starting games as SP's will now be automatically placed on the WW by having a Commish/team add/drop the player immediately on confirmation of callup. They are NOT eligible for immediate pickup. As waivers take 48 hours to process, this also removes the player from their 1st starts most of the time.

The main reason for doing this change – the current rule is not enforceable without creating even more problems with dropping/WW players. In reality, we’re trying to prevent one form of camping (pickup of planned callup) for another (trying to figure out when the callup is actually official). The other factor that compounds this problem is that CBS does not allow us to put some players who have been promoted to the MLB from the MILB back on waivers - it can only be done by a manual add/drop.

The major impact this will have – Commissioners have the ability to bypass the 5-add WW/FA weekly maximum – so even if one of the 3 Commissioners and Rob (who has been assigned CBS Commish privileges given his role in MILB adds through bidding), they can IMMEDIATELY add/drop a player on their team. Please note that when a Commish bypasses the 5-move maximum, it shows up as a red transaction – so it’s easy to see. By adopting this rule, the league understands that self-policing of the 5-move limit (and the obvious red transactions will allow the league to track as well) will have to suffice for the Commissioners and Rob for 2012. If a team mistakenly adds then drops a player - that move will not be reversed off the CBS counter (it can't be), so team owners assume responsibility for knowledge of this rule going forward (in other words, if you jump the gun, you use your add move, even though the player goes back).

Proposed Change for 2013 – Rob has given feedback to Fantrax to see if they will incorporate a feature that AUTOMATICALLY puts all MILB players called up to the big leagues on the WW – which would be great IMO, as it would add a ton more strategic value to the WW in-season. If we go to Fantrax and we have this feature, it seems like a great feature to consider. If they don’t have it, we can go forward with 2012’s change.

Unchanged – if a Forumotion MILB bid is already submitted, then a player CANNOT be claimed on CBS WW. This stays the same.

Clarification - Clarification of above rule in response to owner questions with 3-Commissioner approval:

1. This add/drop treatment is limited to MILB players who are expected to start games as SP's. The reasoning is simple - SP's have created the biggest problem with advance posts, as teams plan rotations ahead of time, but make callups for bullpen & bats with less advance notice. So, for RP's & position players – we'll go by official callup, either they have played 1 game or they are no longer "M" in CBS – in which case they are fair game for FA pickup. After much discussion, we realize that while CBS is late at times, the whole issue with when a player becomes officially up became more confused after we went away from using CBS alone.

2. If a player is not added/dropped through the WW but has played 1 game on the active roster (doesn't have to pitch/hit, but on the roster for 1 game) – they are eligible for FA adds. This addresses what happens if a player who is called up, and then suddenly is announced to start a game a day or two after they are called up (which was the case with Larry's add of Hefner last week). Also, if the league somehow misses a called up SP and they've pitched one game - well, they're fair game. But, if they are called up & picked up before a start has occurred - too early, the player is waived to the WW (and the move counted on CBS's weekly limit counter). Again, we just want to be consistent.

Again, this is for 2012 - we'll look as a league for more sustainable and software-friendly long-term solutions looking into 2013.

2. MILB Bidding System Deadline To Add Won Player

Previous Rule – Teams have 24 hours from when the bid was won on Forumotion to add a player to their MILB roster. If they have 15 keepers and do not clear space within 24 hours, that player is sent back to the MILB pool, available to be bid on the next bidding period (unless it’s the last bidding period), and the bidding $ are lost.

Current Problem - This rule was created before our weekly 5-move WW limit was imposed. That rule is here to stay, given the league’s feelings on limiting streaming. But, because most bids are won on Thurs/Fri/Sat, this either limits the amount of MLB adds done on the WW, or the amount of Forumotion MILB adds a team can perform. The other complicating factor is that if a player is NOT in the CBS database, a Commish MUST add him as an unlisted player – and that creates an add I the CBS WW counter. In other words – it’s a mess on the WW limit, especially when adds are crammed into 1 week.

New Change For 2012 (EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY)Teams now be given 1 week to create space for a MILB player won on Forumotion bidding. This will allow them to have the MILB adds on Forumotion done either in the current week or the next week – so they have 10 adds to play with. But PLEASE NOTE – every add will be counted in the CBS WW counter, so when a team lists their add in Forumotion or does it themselves in CBS (if the player is in the database) – they are adding to the CBS WW counter, and there is no way around it.

The above proposal should allow teams enough flexibility to get their Forumotion adds in – but they also assume FULL responsibility for doing the adds, and affecting their WW add limit for the 2 weeks in question. As the bidding only occurs in the first week of May/June/July/August, it would have no impact on playoff matchups.

Proposed Solution For 2013 – Same as 2012.

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Now, the proposed changes for 2013:


1. We can the special treatment for International FA's. As much as I think the very bottom dwellers need as much help to rebuild, it just causes too much confusion. So, let's make it dead simple - the same offseason criteria of MILB vs. MLB eligibility are used from before, but they apply to ALL players, NA and International:

Keepers - your MLB/MILB roster status at the end of the season in real-life (with the understanding you can stay in your current MLB/MILB TBD roster spot - but you can't be moved to the other spot if you didn't finish the season there - UNCHANGED)

Non-keepers - Career #'s and MLB/MILB roster status to end the regular season in prior year <or last="" active="" year=""> (career #'s - 50 or less career MLB IP, 130 or fewer career AB's - UNCHANGED).

MILB/International players unsigned before MILB Offseason Draft - off-limits for rest of year, kept for the following year's MILB Offseason Draft (UNCHANGED).

The above criteria are simple to track, which is why they were implemented in the past - but unlike last year, going forward there would be no exemptions for International FA's. The Commissioners agree the value of making things simpler is more important here.

Moving on.....


2. We move to Fantrax for 2013 - I'll post why next post.

3. We remove the loophole of players on a DL rehab assignment as still in the MLB. It was originally intended to prevent teams from abusing the MILB spots (and being able to keep players down indefinitely once down there) - but in reality, it just creates more confusion, as the websites have them listed as Minors players. So again, in the spirit of being transparent and easy to apply - get rid of this distinction.

3. We consider a move to a FULL daily WW as the only method of pickup - the reason why we voted down the WW in 2011 was when we realized that CBS would ONLY run at 107 AM ET, and could easily screw our lineups since it didn't allow us to plan ahead what happened if we won/lost players - and the stupid "must set all lineups before 1st game of the day". If we accept #1 (which I think is a must - see next post) - well, we have a system that allows us to choose a more friendly WW time and would also allow us multiple games to set our lineups.

The pros - it makes the WW relevant again, adds a ton of strategy to when you use it, and for those who wish it, doesn't reward campers/luck of announcement timing. The MAJOR con - less freedom for player adds, and there are many who see camping as more dedication/effort. ;)

5. Rob has already inquired with Fantrax on adding in a feature where it automatically sends players who are in the minors & get promoted to the WW - if that happens, that would be fantastic. Of course, if we choose to go WW-only, this is moot.

6. We consider a "veterans" clause - whereby regardless of their MLB/MILB status, a certain # career IP's/AB's - you are fair game to be added by WW (or FA add if we still have it). The kicker that is problematic - the same proposal said those players could ONLY be kept on a MLB roster - and there is no obvious easy way to enforce this (we have 5 players from 2009's September WW adds where we made them "never MILB spot on that team" - but other than Derek Norris, I'm guessing outside of those players' owners, the rest of the league doesn't remember the other 4). A criteria to allow adds seems workable, if the league wants it - I don't see an obvious flip side "no MILB demotions" that's enforceable/trackable.

Thanks for your patience - as you can see, we took the feedback from January onwards - and really, the goal is to make as transparent and fair set of rules, that work with each other.

Think on the above, and weigh in on CBS/RW/email. Nothing needs to be decided yet, but since it's all related, no better time to get your thoughts & ideas - and so we're better prepared to move in the offseason for 2013.

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There are six compelling reasons to change from CBS to Fantrax:

  1. Fantrax allows rosters to be changed before each player’s game, not 1st game of the day – like ESPN/Yahoo.
  2. Fantrax also doesn’t screw up the WW bids like CBS does – when your roster is full, it stops your add requests from going through (unlike CBS which keeps adding players until your requests are done).
  3. Fantrax has the large rosters including many MILB players, the ability to add unlisted players, and to customize a H2H schedule – our EBHD template.
  4. Fantrax has the anti-churning feature – so if a player is waived within less than 24 hours of being picked up – they are STILL a FA, and do not go to the WW. REALLY useful feature IMO.
  5. Fantrax also will allow leagues to set a specific WW start time – unlike CBS, which runs at 107 AM ET, no exceptions.
  6. Unlike CBS, Fantrax has shown it is willing to listen and incorporate feedback – we’ve been asking CBS for years for fixes for 1 & 2, and no luck. Fantrax has incorporated a lot of changes to make it better.

Now, to be upfront, there are 2 key missing features this year (which Fantrax has said they will address for 2013), and 3 day-to-day glitches with Fantrax (1 of which CBS also does, but not as obnoxiously):

  1. Fantrax does not have a mobile app out yet – again, they have said they will be out for 2013 at latest (they are aiming for 2012 Football)
  2. Fantrax does not have a CBS-style live scoreboard with chat – the chat is on the main page, the scoreboard on a separate one

Both of those changes are to be addressed & fixed for 2013, according to Fantrax.

The other 2 glitches that teams should be aware of:

  1. Add/Drop & Trades While Games Are Underway – when you add/drop or do trades while games are underway, the adds/drops & trades do not all take place for the next day – but can be effective for that day if a player involved hasn’t played yet. For instance, dropping a Cub who is playing and adding a Giant who has yet to play – the Cubbie is waived NEXT day, and player added today – which can cause havoc in having a legal lineup.
  2. Lineups pages do NOT automatically show the probable pitcher – you have to hover your mouse over each game in the Schedule-Full page to see the probable pitcher. It means looking at probable pitchers is a pain on a laptop or desktop, but almost impossible on a mobile device

To be clear – Fantrax runs a LOT like CBS, with some key features that are better than CBS (lineup setting before players’ games, better WW processing and anti-churning features, customizable WW start time), and the dynasty-friendly features that ESPN/Yahoo lack. And yeah, it’s not as easy to run as Yahoo/ESPN – but the problem is that neither ESPN or Yahoo can run our dynasty database, EBHD schedule, and don’t run year-round – so they are not viable choices for a dynasty league like TBD. So Fantrax is NOT perfect – but it’s just WAY better than CBS IMO.

Fantrax CS has said they will already address the first 2 problems with solutions before our 2013 season, and I’m waiting for feedback on the last 2 issues (they already fixed a 3rd issue this past week, as evidence to their commitment in trying to listen to feedback and improve).

If we accept the move to Fantrax, then it also affects some of our solutions we need to do for in-season MLB pickups for 2013. That’s why this topic is being discussed now.

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my god, does everyone else get the stupid CBS banner that tells u to download their app everytime u want to set your roster? IVE ALREADY DOWNLOADED YOUR STUPID APP!!!!!!

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my god, does everyone else get the stupid CBS banner that tells u to download their app everytime u want to set your roster? IVE ALREADY DOWNLOADED YOUR STUPID APP!!!!!!

You have to delete the "m." which makes you go to the mobile site. I have the live scoring bookmarked and I just go straight into there and if I need to set my lineup I just go from there, that is what I would recommend.

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Hey guys, sorry I've been quiet I've opened a restaurant and just got off a 28 day stretch of 14-16 hour days without a day of. I've done my best to keep up with my lineup and adds and drops. Text messages are the best way to get a hold of me or email, either works.

Thanks for being understanding and I hope things become normal again soon. As always, I'm looking for trades to improve my offense. I have SP that can be dealt.

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Slowly crawling my way back into the playoff picture.

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Just like to say....F CBS. That is all.

Misclicked onto this thread and this was the first post that hit me... just wanted to comment:

Amen, brother!

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No one gives a rats a** !!

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Hi everyone,

With December here, we're only 5 months away from baseball! OK, so that's not that close – but as promised, 2013's offseason is a HUGE one for TBD – as we are going to making some major changes to TBD for 2013. The big news – once again, we have owners leaving this year, and once again, they are from bottom 5 teams. In tackling this problem, and the unhappiness with CBS, and the confusion on the MILB eligibility issue, Doug, Larry & I have taken some strong measures, that we are in unanimity will be carried out to address these issues, and help promote the long-term health of the league.

So, read on, and Gary et al. - buckle up, this is a BIBLE…..


First order of business – we have 17 confirmed returning owners, 2 who will not be returning (Pat & Dane – both giving up FBB for good), and 1 who is uncommitted, but leaning towards returning (Brian). With that in mind – we've had to replace owners the last 4 years, and with the exception of Alex, they've all been bottom 5 teams. After much discussion, Larry, Doug & I are unanimous in the decision to proceed and contract the league to 18 teams. Pat has traded away picks for 2013's MILB draft – these will be honored in their spot to the owners who acquired them in past trades, otherwise the rest of the picks are simply gone.


So, with Pat & Dane's team no longer in existence, we will be holding a Dispersal draft – where anyone off Pat & Dane's team is eligible to be drafted, prior to the MILB draft.

The principles:

-You must still stick to the 25 MLB roster spot and 15 MILB spot max – so if you pick up a player, and you are at your max, you MUST drop someone in the proper spot. Teams that do not have open space will have their turn passed, and pick voided if they are unable to open a roster space at the time of the pick.

-The MILB & MLB eligibility criteria will follow along the 2013 simplified guidelines – if the player has 50 career MLB IP or less as a pitcher, or 130 career MLB AB's as a hitter – they can be put in a MILB spot alone. If they have more than 50 career MLB IP's or 130 career MLB AB's – they must be put into a MLB roster spot.

-We will run the draft in reverse order of last year's standings, so the draft order goes as follows:

1. Yawk

2. Nick

3. Justin

4. Rob

5. Kevin

6. Andy

7. Bob

8. Larry

9. Doug

10. Gary

11. Richie

12. Steve

13. Milt

14. Brian

15. Sean

16. RRF

17. Luis/Al

18. Mike

The beauty of above – if you want to get the best available player, go for it. If you want to fill a need and there's someone there – go for it. If you would rather build for the future and take a MILB player – your choice.

The Commissioners recognize that since teams could be picking MILB or MLB players in this draft, teams can't predict in advance (besides Yawk) which roster spots to open up - so we will require the drop at the time of the pick. But, to be clear - the teams MUST create open spots as they pick - teams cannot use picks, either to take players or to trade picks away, if there is no spot available to use that pick. Please note that players can't be waived after the draft is done to clear space - roster space has to be cleared at the time the pick is made. To repeat - teams that do not have open space cannot pick, so their turn will be passed and their pick voided if they do not clear space at the time of the pick.

To keep matters simple - all players waived to clear roster space from the 18 active teams will be eligible for the WW or MILB Offseason Draft later this year - this Dispersal Draft is only for players on Dane & Pat's team.

For teams that wish to explore trading away picks for the 2013 Dispersal Draft, the principle of not trading picks away that are taken by occupied players in your squad still applies (I.E. you likely would need to trade the pick away AND keep an empty spot - so teams aren't getting returns on picks they could not use, as their roster is full). So, to be extra clear - as teams do not know what spot the pick will be used for, if they trade away a Round 1 pick, there must be one open MLB & one open MILB spot on that team's roster - and must remain that way until the draft. If teams trade away a Round 2 pick, there must be 2 open MLB & 2 open MILB spots at the time of the trade - and must remain that way until the dispersal draft is complete. The above only applies to the team trading away picks (but if both teams trade picks then it applies to both teams), in keeping with prior rules in draft pick trades. Because it is unclear what spot is being used for the pick, a team that trades away picks for value must have open spots to match the picks in both the MLB & MILB roster spots. Teams who choose to keep their picks only need to clear roster space at the time of the draft. The rules on trading picks for the MILB Offseason Draft remain unchanged.


There is a huge scheduling advantage to the 18-team league – we can run a 3-Division setup, with each team playing within the Division 2x, and EVERY team outside the division 1x – no skipped teams. 22 week regular season, 3-week playoffs, as before. We will switch to a 3 division set up – and so it will be a truly balanced schedule – no more complaints of teams skipping cream puffs vs. others who skip a top 3 team. The playoff system will remain the same – 6 teams in, top 2 get byes, 3-week playoffs.


The owners who played in RotoWood can attest to the fact that Fantrax offers all the features that CBS does – and does several things better, including:

-Automatically will send all MILB players who are promoted to the WW (new for 2013, added as priority change, disclosed to Rob, confirmed again as incoming feature).

-Allows teams to set lineups 5 minutes before EACH PLAYER'S GAME – not 1st game of the day

-Allows custom schedules, and deep MILB player database, and allows us to add players to database

-Stays functional year-round

-It's way cheaper than CBS

After playing in it last year, the Commishes have agreed to proceed to move the league to Fantrax this year. We realize it will take some owners a while to get used to it – but believe me, if you have been using CBS, Fantrax will be at least as good (the only issue being the app is coming out still). And trust me, the change of the WW, and being able to set lineups throughout the entire day, well, I know you will enjoy the change no matter what, after all the torture CBS has put the league through!


With the decrease in league fees with the change to Fantrax, and the decrease in # Division winners, this basically offsets the lost income from the 2 teams and allows some creativity in prize structure. So, with that in mind, in an effort to promote all teams to compete year-round, in addition to the anti-tanking rules that are still in place, a revised prize $ is being set up:

League income – 18 x 65 – 1170

Fantrax fee – 70

Prize pool - 1100

PayPal fees – $15

$65 to 3 division winners – $195

$65 to most improved non-playoff team (overall improvement in W-L-T record from prior year) – $65

Extra $ for 1st place regular season - $50

1st place Playoffs – $450

2nd place Playoffs – $225

3rd place Playoffs – $100

What's been changed for 2013 – the division winners get $65 instead of $50, a new $65 award for the non-playoff team that improves most from the prior W-L-T record. In short, it allows teams to battle for playoffs – but also the bottom dwellers have added incentive to improve, even if they don't have a realistic shot at the playoffs. After much discussion about the issue of losing 1-2 owners each year perpetually from the bottom 5 of the league, Doug , Larry & I all agree to institute this for 2013, as a measure to preserve the long-term health of the league.


As the league has had overwhelming majority votes for realignment to be randomized based on tiered standings, we will proceed with a randomization of divisions based on last year's standings, with teams tiered into top 3, bottom 3, 2nd-best 3, 2nd-worst 3, and 2 packs of middle-3 teams. As always, the randomization will take place online using FFToolbox and you will receive an email of the randomization. Because the minimum is 4 divisions, we will use a dummy team – and the numbers will be moved up accordingly – I will explain before we randomize online in the spring.


MILB Offseason Draft - as you know, the eligibility for MILB draft was confusing, out of past history. Based on overwhelming feedback from the past season, the Commishes have agreed to simplify MILB eligibility for the draft – if you have 130 career MLB AB's or less (hitter), or 50 career MLB IP's or less (pitcher) - you are eligible for the MILB draft. If you have more than 130 career MLB AB's (hitter) or 50 career MLB IP's (pitcher) - you are ineligible for the draft, and are eligible for the WW only. That means the Darvishes of the world from last year would be now draftable in the 2013 MILB draft.

In-season WW pickups & MILB promotions – with the switch to Fantrax, they have a simple solution – all players who are unrostered who get promoted from the MILB to MLB in real life get sent to the WW – and they can be claimed or not by that first, then after WW the FA claims can take place. Fantrax can also restrict any team from picking up MILB-status players on the WW.

OK, that's the whole scoop....coming up with crib notes in a sec. :lol:

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Gary, if your eyes glazed over, here's the scoop:

-18 teams instead of 20

-Move to 3 6-team divisions instead of 4 5-team divisions – TOTALLY balanced schedule now

-League drafts from the 2 disbanded teams, reverse order of standings, pick up anyone you want, but have to stay within max roster limits (and drafted players go into MILB/MLB spots based on career #'s, under new simplified system)

-Teams must clear space at the time of the draft pick - not after the draft. Teams that do not have open space will have their turn passed, and pick voided if they are unable to open a roster space at the time of the pick. Teams that choose to trade away Dispersal Draft picks must create open roster space for both the MLB & MILB roster, as teams cannot gain value from trading away picks that are occupied by roster players.

-No MORE CBS – Fantrax, which allows lineups all throughout day, and handles MILB promotions neatly

-New prize $ for most improved non-playoff team, other prize $ mostly unchanged because of fee reduction with Fantrax, and 1 less division winner

-SIMPLIFIED MILB Eligibility for MILB Offseason Draft – 130 or less career MLB AB/50 or less career MLB IP – you are MILB draft eligible.

-SIMPLIFIED WW pick-up system during the season – Fantrax will automatically put all MILB players who are unrostered and called up to the MLB in real-life to our WW. Once they pass through the WW – they are fair game.


As a league playoff team for the past 3 years, I will point out the obvious – the Dispersal Draft & extra prize helps the bottom teams catch up to the top teams. Doug, Larry & I are emphatic in our belief that if TBD is to continue to thrive, allowing the league's bottom teams a chance to catch up (not equalize, just a better chance) is key - and having something to shoot for during a rebuilding process where playoffs aren't a realistic shot (thus the most-improved prize) are key elements. For those who simply say "get a better team" - keep in mind for dynasty, under our current setup no bottom 5 team has taken less than THREE years to rebuild – and we've lost 8 owners in the last 4 years from those bottom 5 teams. Simply put, if we don't change, we won't survive. So let's adapt & thrive instead.

Thanks all,

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We all know that TBD is short for Twins Become Dynasty, so let's just get to the point...Twins in 2013!!!

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For posterity, with the Dispersal Draft confirmed for Jan. 12-13, here are the Google Doc instructions (thanks to Rob)....


GoogleDocs Draft Instructions:

1) When it is your turn to draft, highlight the cell your current draft spot is in by clicking in it. This should bring up a small blue arrow to the right of the box.

2) Click the blue arrow to bring up the draft list. All players are in alphabetical order. You can scroll down to see all players by moving the grey box of the drop-down.

3) Select the player you wish to draft by clicking on their name.

4) If the Message Center underneath your name (lines 26-27) indicate your team roster is illegal, you must drop either an MLB or MiLB player as indicated by the message. Highlight the first cell under your name in the Drops section (line 13) by clicking on the cell. This should bring up another small blue arrow to the right of the box.

5) Click the blue arrow to bring up your current list of players. Again, all players are in alphabetical order and you can scroll down to see the players by moving the grey box on the right of the drop-down.

6) Select the player you wish to drop by clicking on their name.


What the above means – TEAMS CAN DROP PLAYERS AS THEY DRAFT – BUT MUST DROP TO CREATE OPEN SPOTS BEFORE OR AT THE TIME OF THE PICK in order to draft players if open spots do not exist.

Please note – if you wish to trade picks in advance – you will have to create an open spot for both a MLB and MILB spot at the time of the trade until the pick is used in order to trade away a pick, in keeping with prior trade rules on draft picks (see Dec. 4 post & TBD Forumotion rules for detailed explanation).

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Dispersal Draft Complete, results on Forumotion, but for the record (and as a backup)...


1. Yawk - Manny Machado

2. Nick (traded to John) - Troy Tulowitzki

3. Justin - Ryan Zimmerman

4. Rob (traded to Luis/Al) - Butler

5. Kevin - Elvis Andrus

6. Andy - Cole Hamels

7. Bob - Gerrit Cole

8. Larry - Salvador Perez

9. Doug - Johnny Cueto

10. Gary - Danny Hultzen

11. Richie - Jedd Gyorko

12. Steve - Derek Holland

13. Milt - Martin Prado

14. Brian - Corey Hart

15. Sean - Kendrys Morales

16. John - Justin Masterson

17. Al/Luis - Nolan Arenado

18. Mike/Brett – Jonathan Lucroy


1. Yawk - Andrew Cashner

2. Nick - Michael Fiers

3. Justin – Leonys Martin

4. Rob - Justin Nicolino

5. Kevin - Nick Swisher

6. Andy - Kolten Wong

7. Bob - Jason Motte

8. Larry - Phil Hughes

9. Doug – Zach Lee

10. Gary – Allen Webster

11. Richie – Jed Lowrie

12. Steve – Melky Cabrera

13. Milt - Bruce Rondon

14. Brian - Angel Pagan

15. Sean - Devin Mesoraco

16. John - Casey Janssen

17. Al/Luis - Chris Tillman

18. Mike - Andrew Chafin


1. Yawk – Colby Lewis

2. Nick - Christian Friedrich

3. Justin – Ryan Cook

4. Rob – Brett Jackson

5. Kevin – Brett Wallace

6. Andy - PASS

7. Bob – Carter Capps

8. Larry - Jason Grilli

9. Doug - Nathan Karns

10. Gary - Brian Matusz

11. Richie - John Lackey

12. Steve - Sean Gilmartin

13. Milt - Chris Nelson

14. Brian - Evan Gattis

15. Sean - Corey Spangenberg

16. John – Joe Ross

17. Al/Luis – Tim Wheeler

18. Mike – Domingo Tapia


1. Yawk – Ryan Doumit

2. Nick - Al Alburquerque

3. Justin – Matt Carpenter

4. Rob – Aaron Harang

5. Kevin - FULL

6. Andy - FULL

7. Bob - FULL

8. Larry - Omar Infante

9. Doug - Jose Veras

10. Gary – Cory Burns

11. Richie – FULL

12. Steve – Cody Martin

13. Milt – Joe Blanton

14. Brian – Steve Johnson

15. Sean - FULL

16. John – FULL

17. Al/Luis – FULL

18. Mike - Dante Bichette, Jr.


1. Yawk – Joe Kelly

2. Nick – FULL

3. Justin – Lucas Harrell

4. Rob – FULL

5. Kevin - FULL

6. Andy - FULL

7. Bob - FULL

8. Larry - Dan Murphy

9. Doug - FULL

10. Gary – FULL

11. Richie – FULL

12. Steve – FULL

13. Milt – FULL

14. Brian – FULL

15. Sean - FULL

16. John – FULL

17. Al/Luis – FULL

18. Mike - FULL

Next up - MILB Offseason Draft - let's confirm the date for late February 2013! Woohoo! B)

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For those owners who can't bother to read the biblical discussion today, here's the recap:


The question on the table for 2013 – do we incorporate FAAB for 2013 as our Fantrax WW/FA pickup system, or keep the old system? To help those who don't list bible reading as a hobby, Gary–version notes:

1. WW would open up before season, and go by old system of WW priority on reverse order of standings. We would start FAAB on Opening Day, to let bottom teams a chance to get one more priority pick. This would repeat every year, not just this year.

2. FAAB would be 1x a day – and would be completely blind (no one knows how much anyone else is bidding).

3. If you spend your entire $100 budget, you can still bid $0 on any player and claim players – so there is no scenario in which owners can't fill spots – the question is what players they can get (that's the strategy of how much to spend each time).

4. Fantrax can show which bids lost out – so there is no issue of teams being accused of tanking because they couldn't fill spots for a day or two if their bids keep getting beat by other owners (everyone can see that).

FAAB actually creates less time spent, since you only need to do it 1x a day, prevents campers/those with info first to get FA's. Besides being new & unfamiliar to many, the other downside - it prevents owners from being able to pick up players 24/7 at any time. BUT again, with Fantrax giving us the ability to change lineups throughout the ENTIRE day until a player is actually playing, the reliance on missed FA/WW bids should be a LOT less – and once people start doing it, they get the knack of making multiple back-up $0 bids to get the spot filled (and not use up their budget for later, since those guys were backup plans).

That is the result of the entire convo so far – if you accept the above, and understand the above, then weigh in on yes/no. If you are unclear on any of the above – ask away.

/bows to the non-bible reading crowd.


P.S. Dialogue is still the ideal option – it's what led to the points above being clearer. BUT, for those who have more restrictive work environment, or are still sleeping *cough* Gary *cough*, here you go!

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OK MILB Draft done - great rally after a tough 1st night / 2nd morning!

The list:


1. RRF (Traded from Yawk) - Carlos Correa, SS, HOU

2. Nick - Byron Buxton, OF, MIN

3. Justin - Addison Russell, SS, OAK

4. Gary (Traded from Rob) - Jorge Soler, OF, CHC

5. Kevin - Zunino, Mike, C, SEA

6. RRF (Traded from Andy) - Lucas Giolito, SP, WAS

7A. Luis/Al (Traded from Pat) - David Dahl, OF, COL

7B. Bob - Kevin Gaussman, SP, BAL

8. Larry - Kyle Zimmer, SP, KC

9. Doug - Yasiel Puig, OF, LAD

10. Justin (Traded from Gary) - Michael Wacha, SP, STL

11. Rob (Traded from Richie) - Hyun-Jin Ryu, SP, LAD

12. Steve - Corey Seager, SS, LAD

13. Bob (Traded from Milt) - Courtney Hawkins, OF, CHW

14. Brian - Albert Almora, OF, CHC

15. Sean - Max Fried, SP, SD

16. Rob (Traded from RRF via Bob) - Joey Gallo, 3B, TEX

17. Yawk (Traded from Luis/Al) - Adalberto Mondesi, SS, KC

18. Mike/Brett - Marcus Stroman, SP/RP, TOR


1. RRF (Traded from Yawk) - Stryker Trahan, C, ARI

2. Mike/Brett (Traded from Nick via Boz) - Chris Stratton, SP, SF

3. Justin - Lewis Brinson, OF, TEX

4. Sean (Traded from Rob) - Adam Eaton, OF, ARI

5. Kevin - Andrew Heaney, SP MIA

6. Andy - Paulino, Dorssys, SS, CLE

7A. Luis/AL (Traded from Pat) - Lance McCullers, SP, HOU

7. RRF (Traded from Bob via Milt) - Richie Shaffer, 1B/3B, TB

8. Larry - Victor Roache, OF, MIL

9. Doug - Sean Nolin, SP, TOR

10. Justin (Traded from Gary) - Rio Ruiz, 3B, HOU

11. Rob (Traded from Richie) - Clint Coulter, C, MIL

12. Steve - Jose Berrios, SP, MIN

13. Milt - Mike Kickham, SP, SF

14. Brian - Slade Heathcott, OF, NYY

15. Sean - Brandon Maurer, SP, SEA

16. RRF - Matt Smoral, SP, TOR


18. Mike/Brett - Pierce Johnson, SP, CHC


1. Yawk - Michael Fullmer, SP, NYM

2. Nick - Nick Travieso, SP, CIN

3. Justin - FULL

4. RRF (Traded from Rob via Mike) - Adam Morgan, SP, PHI

5. Kevin - Hunter Morris, 1B, MIL

6. Andy - Duane Underwood, SP, CHC

7. RRF (Traded from Bob) - DJ Davis, OF, TOR

8. Larry - Joc Pederson, OF, LAD

9. Doug - Jairo Beras, OF, TEX

10. Gary - Maikel Franco, 3B, PHI

11. Richie - Luiz Gohara, SP, SEA

12. Steve - Barrett Barnes, OF, PIT

13. Milt - FULL

14. Brian - Nomar Mazara, OF, TEX

15. Rob (Traded from Sean) - Matt Skole, 1B, WAS

16. Mike/Brett (Traded via RRF) - Max Kepler, OF, MIN

17. Luis/Al - Ty Hensley, SP, NYY

18. Mike/Brett - Domingo Tapia, SP, NYM


1. Yawk - Walker Weickel, SP, SD

2. Nick - FULL

3. Justin - FULL

4. Sean (Traded from Rob) - Luke Jackson, SP, TEX

5. Kevin - FULL

6. Andy - FULL

7. Bob - Matt Wisler, SP, SD

8. Larry - Carson Kelly, 3B, STL

9. Doug - FULL

10. Gary - FULL

11. Richie - FULL

12. Steve - FULL

13. Milt - FULL

14. Brian - Rafael Montero, SP, NYM

15. Sean - Kyuji Fukijara, RP, CHC

16. RRF - Jesse Winker, OF, CIN

17. Luis/Al - Tyler Matzek, SP, COL

18. Mike/Brett - FULL


1. Yawk - Tyrone Taylor, OF, MIL

2. Nick - FULL

3. Justin - FULL

4. Rob - FULL

5. Kevin - FULL

6. Andy - FULL

7. Bob - FULL

8. Larry - Nick Tropeano, SP, HOU

9. Doug - FULL

10. Gary - FULL

11. Richie - FULL

12. Steve - FULL

13. Milt - FULL

14. Brian - FULL

15. Sean - FULL

16. RRF - FULL

17. Luis/Al - FULL

18. Mike/Brett - FULL


1. Yawk - FULL

2. Nick - FULL

3. Justin - FULL

4. Rob - FULL

5. Kevin - FULL

6. Andy - FULL

7. Bob - FULL

8. Larry - FULL

9. Doug - FULL

10. Gary - FULL

11. Richie - FULL

12. Steve - FULL

13. Milt - FULL

14. Brian - FULL

15. Sean - FULL

16. RRF - FULL

17. Luis/Al - FULL

18. Mike/Brett - FULL

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With the MILB draft done, time to get the WW started – but realizing about half of you have NEVER used Fantrax, we're going to delay the WW opening, for 3 reasons. First, it's going to allow you all to get some research in, check the available players, and also get some more news on players, etc. - to make the WW picks more relevant. As this is the time where the WW is deepest – everyone will have time to get their research done. Secondly, once the WW is open - we will revert Fantrax to ONLY allow teams to put players on the DL who actually have DL status – so it's better to wait until we get closer to the start of the season. Finally, and most importantly, we are also going to do a MOCK WW run on the mirror Fantrax site – TBD MILB BLIND BIDDING ONLY league – http://www4.fantrax....4ht6jqhc1dze47.

So, what we are going to do:

1. Run the WW at the TBD MILB BLIND BIDDING ONLY page - http://www4.fantrax....4ht6jqhc1dze47.

2. EVERY team – please put a WW claim on 2-3 players, all of them scrubs. Do NOT put in claims for players you actually may want to claim – as this WW does not actually count.

3. Get your WW claims, and who you will cut (if you need to clear space) - before the Wed. Mar. 6th 10 AM ET deadline.

4. Once the WW run has finished – I will simply reverse all the moves. But, I would like to see ALL 18 teams with WW bids completed, so to make sure you guys do NOT compete with each other, I ask each team to claim 2 players from ONE letter of the alphabet:

A – Yawk

B – Nick

C – Justin

D – Rob

E – Kevin

F – Andy

G – Bob

H – Larry

I – Doug

J – Gary

K – Boz

L – Steve

M – Milt

N – Brian

O – Sean


R – Al/Luis

S – Mike

That way, no one will lose claims – please claim TWO players, and drop someone if you need to get under the 7 reserve limit.

This way, you get to practice a WW run, and everyone will know how the WW works (and what might prevent a proper WW claim from running). It will also allow us to detect any bugs in our settings – so the real WW doesn't go haywire (like it did so often on CBS).

5. Assuming there are no major glitches – we will open the WW for real on the MAIN TBD page on Wednesday, Mar. 13th @ 10 AM ET – so you need to get your claims done before then.

Now, for those who have done Fantrax – you may say "I know how it works". BUT, it's also a test to make sure the settings don't cause a glitch (like how CBS used to not enforce max roster limits, so would allow ALL claims made by teams, even if it created 9 bench players on a team). And, the league might be set up differently than in other leagues (like RotoWood).

If you do NOT participate in the above – you lose the ability to complain about the Mar. 13 real TBD WW that will run on the main site. In other words - if you make mistakes in the Mock run - that's fine - we'll learn, and you'll be ready when the league runs the real WW run. BUT, if you skip this and screw up the WW claims - no going back, we will NOT rescind winning claims because your claim didn't go through properly even though you had priority (barring a system-level or settings glitch that causes problems, of course).

Feel free to ask away if you have questions!

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Hey, I hope you’ve all been well, esp. our brothers in Boston. I’ve retired from fantasy sports & I haven’t posted in over a year, but I still felt it was important to change my avatar to support Boston. I hope it could be sensed in my past posts that my NY Yankee fan rivalry with Boston was a friendly, respectful rivalry. It’s times like these that we’re reminded of the important things in life & how we’re all Americans, not simply New Yorkers or Bostonians. Boston took a punch, but you’ll deliver 2 of your own soon. Be well, gentlemen.

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Hey, I hope you’ve all been well, esp. our brothers in Boston. I’ve retired from fantasy sports & I haven’t posted in over a year, but I still felt it was important to change my avatar to support Boston. I hope it could be sensed in my past posts that my NY Yankee fan rivalry with Boston was a friendly, respectful rivalry. It’s times like these that we’re reminded of the important things in life & how we’re all Americans, not simply New Yorkers or Bostonians. Boston took a punch, but you’ll deliver 2 of your own soon. Be well, gentlemen.

Classy move Alex - hope all is well with you.

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