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6x6 HTH Keeper League *Heavy Emphasis Minor Leagues

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Hello. I run a 6x6 HTH Keeper league through the CBS commissioner service. We currently have 2 open slots as previous owners have decided to leave for the coming year. Our league puts heavy emphasis on developing minor league talent. We have a unique set of rules to satisfy this idea. I would post our rules here, but they are much too long and much to complicated to be browsed through. We run 3 drafts, a rule V, minor league and finally, a major league draft. Each team is allowed 7 keepers along with additional players they have brought through their system (via the minor league draft). Our league fee is 125 and usually handled through the paypal service. Also, our tentative (major league) draft date is set for Friday, March 20th at 6 PM E.T. The Rule V and Minor league drafts are held through the league message board and extend for a number of days. Please inquire within for additional details, including the vacant team(s) rosters.



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