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Atlanta roto league needs one owner

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The Metro Atlanta Roto Dork League has one opening due to an owner's health. Great group of guys. 10 man league. League is 9 years old. We are a keeper league, the open team would be considered a "rebuilding project" with not many keepers (full disclosure here). It finished 2nd last year.

  • We are an Atlanta based league, holding our auction on March 22, 2009 in Sandy Springs (near 400 and 285).

  • NL only

  • 5x5

  • Auction based league with $280 cap, 25 man rosters including a "super utility man" which can be either a pitcher or hitter (your choice)

  • In-season salary cap to help tame dumping deals

  • Weekly lineups

  • No reserve bench (you can DL players who are hurt or reserve guys who are sent down to the minors or traded to the AL) so setting lineups is generally easy

  • Free agent budget of $100

Looking for somebody with some fantasy baseball experience, somebody who is laid back, competitive but not a jerk. Contact if you're interested.

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