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Fantasy sports vet seeks 2 FC Sandbox Leagues to join

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Left my 2 FC baseball leagues from last season and need 2 new ones. I'm a fantasy sports vet (8-10 years) and quite active. I want active leagues but not ones that trash talk, make off color comments, etc. I play fantasy sports for the fun & to see how my managing decisions stack up against other owners, not who has the best "put down" lines or is the best trash talker. I'm not a "stick in the mud" I just don't play the games to hear (read) that stuff plus I've never known anyone personally in any of my leagues. I think it's poor sportsmanship & taste to bash people & trash talk, use vulgar language, etc. if we don't know others or how they may take some comments.

If this post rules me out of a bunch of leagues then so be it but I figure as long as I'm up front about what I prefer, if/when the right league(s) come(s) along it'll be a good match & I won't have to leave another league or won't be ganged up on by a bunch of friends if I kindly ask that the language & behavior clean up. Granted in private leagues the league managers DO have the right to run their league as they see fit, trust me I've been through that argument before. Anyway enough about that, hopefully the right active, fun league(s) with the settings I prefer is out there.

I'm not a fan of FLD's & DEFINITELY don't want that. To me 2-4 hours for an FLD is NOT fast. I'm OK with any other form though but I work full time & am not able to access personal sites for hours at a time. So lists or SLD is what I'm seeking. Other preferences:

Keeper (prefer 3, no more than 5, if that many)


FP scoring - HATE Rotisserie and not a huge fan of H2H although I can handle H2H over H2H Strategy

Prefer 10 team leagues (just what I'm most used to) but I'm not opposed to other size leagues

I guess my biggest preference is, as I said earlier, a group of owners who don't BS, bash or trash talk. That's the absolute quickest way to turn me off of a league. If you think I'd be a good addition to your league or you know of a public league that is open with these settings, please let me know. Thanks!!!

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