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1 Owner Needed For CBS H2H Points League $100 League

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We had one person drop out of our first year H2H Points keeper league. We have yet to have the draft which is on March 15th @ 6 PM EST. The draft order is set and if you are interested you will have the 7th overall pick in a 12 team league. League is $100 entry fee with 100% payouts after CBS fees

We are looking for active owners who will check the site often, respond to trade offers rapidly, and participate in league discussion with regularity. It's our goal to make the best league possible and the only way to do that is with active owners. If this sounds good to you shoot me an email at I will post the league constitution underneath if you are interested in reading the details.



1. The League. The league will be known as Put Me In Coach. The entry fee for this league will be $100, and voted upon each year following 2008.

2. The Constitution. This document will be referred to as the "Constitution."

3. The Commissioners. The commissioners for this league are Tyler Valdivia and Chris Steele. They can be contacted at or with any questions regarding rules.


1. Number of Owners. The league will have 12 owners, each managing their own team. The number shall be changed upon majority vote of League.

2. Duties or Owners. Due to the nature of the league and the desire for owners to be consistently involved in the league, prior to participation in the league, each owner accepts the duty to the following:

a. Participate in the draft in person., i.e. be online during the online draft.

b. Promptly respond to e-mails from other owners and the Commissioner regarding trade offers and discussions and other league matters.

c. Promptly respond to official trade offers within 72 hours, either with acceptance, rejection, counteroffer and/or an indication that the owner is deciding on the trade.

d. Agree to participate for at least two seasons beginning in the 2008 Major League Baseball season or agree to find a substitute owner willing to agree to the terms and conditions of the Constitution that is approved by a majority of the existing team owners.

e. Otherwise uphold the integrity of the league. This includes "trying" through the end of the season, responding to trade offers promptly, NOT dropping star players if out of contention, and avoiding collusion or other inappropriate conduct.

3. Consequences of a Failure to Perform Duties. Failure to follow the duties outlined above may result in expulsion and denial of future participation in the league.


1. Head to Head Points based league. Each week teams will play two other teams, whichever team scores more points in that respective week will be rewarded the victory. The scoring period will still last the typical duration (one full week or typically 7 days with exception of opening week and all-star week).In the event of a tie the matchup will count as a tie for both teams.

2. Each team will have the ability to set his/her line-up once per week. Line-ups can be set all the way up to 20 minutes before the beginning of any NEW scoring period. Once a scoring period begins, teams will not under any circumstance be able or permitted to change their line-up. You will always be able and encouraged to set future line-ups, but won't be able to set or change line-ups once a week begins.

3. Player Activation. All lineups will be submitted on a weekly basis. It is the owners responsibility for submitting players who are in fact active for that week. If a team continues to play an incomplete lineup with players that are injured or no longer in the majors then the commissioner can intervene to change that owners lineup.


There will be 12 batters and 10 pitchers on the team's active roster. There will be seven bench spots, and 5 minor league player spots.

1. Offense. Each team will have at most 22 active players. Offense conisisting of:

a. 1 each of C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS

b. 3 OF

c. 2 utility (DH or any other non-pitcher)

d. 1 Middle infielder (MI) and 1 Corner Infielder (CI)

2. Pitching:

a. Either Pitchers. Each team will have ten active pitchers. There are no restrictions on the composition of an owner's pitching staff in terms of number of relievers or starters.

3. Bench. 3 spots. This can comprise of any makeup of MLB players with no restrictions on positions, or batters vs. pitchers.

4. There will be 2 DL spots that injured players can be placed on. In order to be eligible for this the player must physically be on the disabled list on their major league club.

5. Minors- This will consist of 5 players that are currently in the Minor League system. Essentially full of top prospects. These players must be in the minor leagues, once a player that was in the minor leagues gets called up to the majors then the league owner must put this player on the regular roster.


The scoring is a points based system as follows:

Hitting Categories

Single- 1 point

Double- 2 points

Triple- 3 points

Home Run- 4 points

RBI- 1 point

Run- 1 point

Walks (BB)- 1 point

Hit by Pitch (HBP)- 1 point

Strikeouts (Batter)- -0.5 points

Stolen Base- 2 points

Caught Stealing- -0.5 points

Pitching Categories

Win- 10 points

Shutout- 5 points

Saves- 8 points

Losses- -5 points

Walks- -1 point

Blown Saves- -2 points

Hit Allowed- -1 point

Earned Run- -2 points

Innings- 3 points

Strikeout - 1 point


The league will be using CBSSportsline’s position eligibility requirements primarily because the league is at CBSSportsline’s mercy for scoring purposes. For in-season eligibility, Players are eligible at their primary position, plus positions they've played 20 games last year or 5 games this year.


1. Draft Order. Draft Order for 2008 will be randomly generated via cbsportsline prior to the live draft. To keep the league exciting, the draft order from then on will not be a reverse snake from the past season’s standings.

3. Order for New Owners. Owners that did not participate in the League the previous season will select their draft position after all returning owners, even if the new owner is a substitute to replace a retired owner. If there is more than one new owner, the decision on the draft position will be determined by the order the new owners sign up.

4. Snake Draft. The draft will be 30 rounds 25 MLB players and 5 Minor Leaguers, snake-style, where the owner with the first pick in one round will have the final pick in the subsequent round and the first pick in the following round.

5. Time Limit Per Pick. Each owner will have a maximum of one minute and thirty seconds per pick. If the owner has not made his selection within one minute and thirty seconds, his pick will be selected based upon the next individual in his draft rankings order per CBSSportsline’s website.

6. Draft Will Start Promptly. The draft will begin exactly at the date and time agreed upon by all owners. Should an owner not be present when it is his turn to, his picks will be selected from the draft order that owner has set forth on CBSSportsline’s website.


1. Undrafted players. After the draft, upon completion of the Commissioner entering all the draft picks, all undrafted players will be placed on waivers according to CBSSportsline’s waiver rules. Initial waiver order is determined by reverse draft order. Thus, the player that originally had the final pick in the first round will have first waiver priority.

2. Free agents. Free agents will be available on a first come, first added basis.

3. Waivers. All players dropped from a team's rosters are placed on a 24-hour waiver period according to CBSSportsline’s waiver system. Waiver claims should be submitted in the order owners would like to see them processed. After one claim is successfully processed, the owner will be dropped to the lowest waiver priority and all the other owners will move up one position.

4. Cannot Drop List. To start the season, players drafted in the 1st 5 rounds (top 60 players), or those ranked in the first 5 rounds (keeper purposes), they are considered Cannot Drop List players. These players cannot be dropped from a roster unless a significant change occurs to the player, batting order change, traded, team trades for similar player, injured, or other items determinable by the Rules Committee. These players may be traded away, but cannot be dropped unless they have incurred situations mentioned above. The Commissioner will reassess the Cannot Drop List on June 30, adjusting it to the current top 60 MLB players. This is done for the purpose of Non Dumping. See below for detail.

5. NON Dumping. The intention of this league is for the long-haul, for owners to enjoy for multiple years; however, player dumping can quickly erase this concept. If any owner wishes to make a trade in July through August, involving Cannot Drop List players then that player must pay a nonrefundable down-payment for the next season entry fee which will be set at 90% of the current season’s entry fee. This is done to keep owners from dropping their top players when they are out of contention. If the owner refuses to pay this fee, then the trade will be vetoed.

6. Players not on CBSSportsline’s List. There may be players that are not on CBSSportsline's player list that are placed on a major league organization's 25-man roster. An owner can activate an unlisted player only if he is selected in the major league or minor league draft. All other unlisted players must appear in the CBSSportsline’s waiver pool and be claimed using the waiver process.


1. Time for Trades. Trades can be made at any time - before the draft, during the draft or after the draft. Draft picks can be traded prior to the draft and are final unless traded back.

2. Non-Waiver Trade Deadline. The non-waiver trade deadline for 2008 is September 1, 2008.

3. Trade Review and Approval. Trades must be made in order to improve an aspect of each team involved in the trade, NOT to improve the position of the other owners in the league. Owners will NOT be required to provide any rationalization for their trades as this provides insight to each owner’s rationalizations and forecasting methods. All trades must be conducted using the trade function in sportsline. Trades will be submitted for Commissioner review once a minimum of 6 vetos is reached. The Commissioner will approve all trades unless there is evidence of collusion between the parties or if one party evidences the desire to quit or "give up." The Commissioner will not reject a trade because of including but not limited to on an owner's stupidity, idiocy, or misevaluation of a player as long as the trade shows that value will be added to both teams. An owner in violation of the integrity of the League will be subject to immediate expulsion from the League and may be banned from future seasons.

4. Trading for Future Draft Picks. Trades may be made for future draft picks if and only if: (a) the picks are for the following season and (B) the trade is for value. These trades will be more heavily scrutinized by the Commissioner and may be subject to a majority vote between the Rules Committee. Members on the Rules Committee may not participate in the evaluation of their own trades. In order to make a trade for future draft picks, the two teams engaging in the trade must pay 50% of the next year's league fee. This ensures that owners will be committed for the next year while trading away future picks.


1. Number of Keepers. Each owner must designate FIVE MLB players at the end of the season to retain to the following season. There will be no restrictions on which players owners may keep. Owners will be allowed to keep 2 MINOR league players for free if they were not eligible for rookie of the year (by MLB standards).

2. Keepers - Time Limit. There will be NO time limit for keepers.

3. Submission of Keepers List. Keepers lists must be submitted to the Commissioner 4 weeks before the draft for the following season. The Commissioner will then post all keepers on the League Message Board.

4. Impact of Final Standings on Draft. The draft order for the following year will be based on pervious year standings in the following manner:

• The team with the best record NOT to make the playoff will get the #1 overall pick. The second best team will get the #2 pick, and so forth.

• The remaining 6 picks will be decided based on final standings in the ‘Big Dance’ bracket.



1. Initial Ratification. If an owner signs up for the league, he agrees to the terms and conditions of this Constitution. Should an owner refuse to abide by these terms, he may withdraw his team from the league prior to the draft.

2. Time for Amendments. Amendments will only be made between the close of the regular season and February 1 the following year. Amendments require a 2/3 majority of all owners for approval.


1. The money shall be divided amount the top 3 teams in the final standings:

CBS Entry Fee - $149.00

Division Winners (3)- $100 ($300)

First Place- $400

Second Place- $200

Third Place- $100

Toilet Bowl Champion-$50


1. The World Series bracket will consist of the 3 division winners and 3 wildcard teams. Wildcard teams will be decided by the best record of non-division leaders. The two division winners with the best record will get a first round bye.

2. The Toilet Bowl bracket will consist of all 6 remaining teams, with the same set-up as noted above. The winner of the Toilet Bowl bracket will receive $50 in prize monies.

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