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Replacement Owner Needed...its an odd one

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Ok, so I'm the commish of a public 12 team, 5x5 yahoo league which held its draft this past Saturday. Here's where it gets odd. B) The league, which I called The Urban Achievers, has a requirement that each team be named in reference to The Big Lebowski. I did this for two reasons. One: because its a great frickin' film. But more importantly, two: whenever I start a public league like this I always try to throw in some odd stipulation in the commissioner's note in a meager attempt to get 12 like-minded individuals to join who will actually take the time to read the note and follow the rules. I figured it could only up the odds that the league may actually be inhabited by players who will stick to it the entire season.

Unfortunately, one fell through the cracks. During the live draft, one team decided to throw a wrench in the plan by being, condescending, rude, and declaring that he was just using it for a mock draft. Long story short...he's a douchebag (can you say that here?) :) Sad thing is, he finished out the draft and snagged a pretty decent squad.

In living up to the league's name, I informed him that this aggression would not stand, and gave him ample opportunity to play nice. When he threatened to release all of his players, I locked his team.

So now there are 11 Big Lebowski/fantasy baseball lovers desperately looking for one more like minded individual to take over this squad. If that's you, email me at and we'll get you set up. I've listed the team below. Thanks for reading.

C - Jeff Clement

C- John Baker

1b - Ryan Howard

2b - Dan Uggla

3b - Alex Gordon

SS - Jimmy Rollins

CI - Joey Votto

MI - Jose Lopez

OF - Carl Crawford

OF - Alex Rios

OF - Ryan Ludwick

OF - Raul Ibanez

OF - Carlos Gomez

UTIL - David Ortiz

Bench - Jeff Francoeur

Bench - Freddy Sanchez

P - James Shields

P - Javier Vazquez

P - Adam Wainwright

P - Chris Young

P - Chad Qualls

P - Joel Hanrahan

p - Jered Weaver

P - Chris Carpenter

P - Mark Buehrle

Bench - Kevin Gregg

Bench - Bronson Arroyo

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