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Serious Mock Auction, Possible League Afterwards

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We're holding somewhat of a mock auction draft on ESPN tonight and so far have 6 people and want to get it up to 10 if we can. This was set up kind of impromptu by people who are together in a normal draft keeper league, so we're not sure yet if we want to turn this into another league for the year or not. It really all just depends on how many serious people we can get to join.

The draft is going to be held in ESPN. If we decide to do turn this into a league we'll be transferring the rosters to Yahoo! and run the season there. I think that if we can get up to 10 people then it's pretty likely this will become a league, but I also don't want to make any guarantees in case it doesn't happen for whatever reason.

I know this sounds kind of up in the air, but if you're interested in at least mock drafting with some good people, then feel free to send me a message with your email address and we'll invite. I'll also try to answer any questions.

Draft is tonight at 9pm. Stats will be normal 5x5 plus OPS and K/BB. Rosters will be standard Yahoo! (C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OFx3, Utilx4, SPx2, RPx2, Px3, Bnx5)

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