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3 Sport Dynasty League

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Hey guys,

This is a 12 team 3 Sport Dynasty League. The sports will be NFL, MLB and NBA. We will use ESPN as the host site. There will need to be a little bit of patience on your part as I only have 2 owners, myself included, as of right now. We will have a forum that we will use to do Dynasty business. Im a true fan of dynasty leagues and Im looking for other true fans of the game and will be very active. The leagues will be free but I would still expect full participation. You must do all 3 leagues to join. Trading will be allowed within the 3 leagues as well. Seeing how you cant signup and create a football or basketball league right now, once we have all the spots filled we will start our draft using the forum I have created. Then I will manually enter all the players to their correct teams once I am able to create leagues on ESPN. The start-up draft will include all players from all 3 sports. This will take some time, which is ok, because we have some time before the NFL season starts. In future drafts, there will be draft pick trading allowed.

Here is the website for the league settings for the baseball league:

I know its a dynasty league, but the reason I have us keeping only 10 for baseball, is so that there will be some talent available for future drafts.

I havent decided on roster sizes for football and basketball or how many rounds the rookie drafts will be. Those are decisions we can all make as a group once we get it all together.

A little about me;

My name is Matt and Im in 5 Dynasty football leagues, 1 im the commissioner of. Ive been playing fantasy football for 6 yrs or so and i did a baseball keeper league for 3 years but the baseball got expensive, so i switched to the free leagues. ive done a couple years of fantasy basketball as well. Playing fantasy sports is my hobby, its what I do. If you are interested in joining what I think will be a fun league, email me. Include in the email; your name, your fantasy sports background and a little bit about yourself.

My email is:

I look forward to hearing from you!!

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