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New Keeper League First Draft 5th Round- Results???

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First year of 16 team IDP keeper League. Start 1QB, 1RB, 3WR, 1TE, 2 Flex (RB, WR, TE) & 1PK.

So far, my picks were 1st(1) LT, 2nd(32) T Henry, 3rd(33) Holt, 4th(64) M Clayton, and 5th(65) Bulger.

We are late in 5th round and had a run of QB's start in round 4 of first league draft. No keepers selected until season ends.

Would like to pick up another WR (3 to start) & TE in Rounds 6 & 7, then start on LB, DB & DL positions. (4-4-3 starters). I have picks 6(96), 7th(97).

So far, Berrian, Bruce, Galloway, Cotchery, Glenn, DJ Hackett, Stallworth, G Jennings, Porter, V Jackson. R Williams, B Jones & others, plus rookies Meachem, A Gonzalez, P Williams, S Smith (C Johnson gone) still left at WR. Who? B)

All the TE's except Gates & V Davis still available.

Question is should I pick probable 2nd or 3rd WR starter, or go for Rookie who may play this year but probable future starter, in one or both picks or grab a TE for one pick while a top tier might be available.

Scoring is 0.1/yard rushing/receiving, 1/reception, 6/TD, -2/fumble.

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I'd wait on a TE until much later. Wait until more start to fall off the board. V Jackson jumps out as a guy who'd I love to have on my team for many years to come. I'd stay away from guys like Bruce, Galloway and Glenn, especially if you're allowed to keep a sizeable amount of players. However, if you only keep four or five players, it's probably worth taking one of the older guys with one of the young high-upside guys, as guys like B Jones and P Williams won't be kept next year if the number of keepers is low. I'm also not an IDP guy, so I can't advise you as to whether or not waiting until round 8 for defensive picks is wise.

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