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Looking for Dynasty League with Simulated Games

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Hello everyone,

I'm a longtime fantasy baseball and fantasy football player. I grew weary of seasonal leagues so I joined a dynasty football league and it is much more fun. My true love has always been baseball, however, and I've spent the last few months playing around with simulated leagues and I've found this to be infinitely more rewarding than regular old roto, h2h, etc. Here's what I'm looking for:

Absolutely Essential:

  • little to no cost ($50 max per calendar year)
  • dynasty league (keep all players)
  • 8+ teams
  • simulated games
  • 25-man roster with 10+ man minor league roster
  • few if any restrictions on roster composition/strategy (e.g., not forced to carry an exact number of position players, not forced to designate a closer, not forced to use a 5-man rotation, not forced to bat the pitcher 9th)
  • basic strategy possibilities (e.g., different lineups when facing LHP or RHP, rotation, bullpen usage, SB/IBB frequency)

Would be Great to Have:

  • free league
  • actual MLB players
  • 12+ teams
  • detailed strategy possibilities (e.g., only use this pitcher in these types of situations, bring in this guy as a defensive replacement late in games with a lead, pinch hit for this guy in this type of situation)
  • 25-man AAA roster with 10+ man LOW roster
  • salaries, contracts, arbitration, etc.

In My Dreams:

  • 20-30 teams
  • fully-stocked AAA, AA, high A, low A, and rookie league rosters
  • option to control the managerial decisions in each game on a pitch-by-pitch or play-by-play basis, but of course in my absence the sim would run automatically

Please contact me via email at " GSHEEHAN ^^^ AT ^^^ SCU ^^^ DOT ^^^ EDU ". Thank you. B)

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