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Rotoworld Dynasty Team Avaialbe

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We have a opening for a team they ended up being inactive entry fee is $65 bucks. Some of the people in the league that you might recognize are MustacheToes, RotoRaysFan, The Czar and HighLanderZ. Here is some information on the league itself.

Dynasty, 20-team H2H, 9 bats (1 position each and 1 UTIL/DH), 9 Pitching spots and 7 Bench Spots; 12-man minors, 7x7 (5x5 plus BB and 2B+3B, QS & Holds), weekly matches, daily transactions.

If anyone is SERIOUSLY interested PM either me or MustacheToes and we can give you more information and send you the MLB and MiLB roster.

Also here is the league thread just so you can browse it over.

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Here is the team...

C - Kendall

1B - Giambi

2B - Kinsler

3B - Bill Hall

SS - Jeter

OF - Beltran, Rasmus, Ludwick

UT - Papi

BN - J. Damon & B. Giles

SPs - Nolasco, Saunders, Pettitte, Slowey, Miner, Carp, Duch, and

RPs - Lidge, Juan Cruz, Frasor, R. Soriano, J. Benoit

DL - Aramis, Posada, and Marcum

MiLB Hitters: Carlos Santana, Kyle Blanks, Sean Rodiruez, Jose Tabata

MiLB Pitchers: Daniel Duffy, Michael Main, Mike Montgomery, Trevor Reckling, Will Smith, Michael Ynoa, Julio Teheran, Andrew Brackman

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A few other things:

1. This is a great group of very active owners. This guy just was never accountable in the draft and we could barely get him to pick on time and he decided to leave right after. Not sure why as no reason was given. There were no conflicts, but just a guy that went MIA.

2. This team is currently 35-32-3 and has like the 7th best record in the league and is right in line with a playoff spot, so it wouldn't be a rebuilding year for whoever mans it. That team was able to get to that record unmanned from the draft, so you would be stepping into a pretty good team for a 20-teamer.

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