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Why elvis is better than alcides

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okay guys its my first post and i know ALOT about baseball and minors

A couples reasons to me why elvis is better he has more speed, a better glove, more power, and hes younger and




looking at the stats with about 55 more AB alcides is leading R,XBH(by 1),RBI,BB,SB

Elvis isnt running as much,(manager Ron Washington said " hes our fastest player on the team but he needs to learn a bit more before he gets 40 attempts) for everyone saying he has no power, the 3 HR already was a shock to me this soon,only 16 K's was too, hes more patient than him and overall WAYYY better!

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Don't give me all the stats with small sample sizes on these minor leaguers. We all know that what really matters is how he shakes his hips.

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