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Hockey Sim League

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Hey everyone, I am currently in an EHM league. If you don't know what EHM is, it's a simulation program for hockey. (Pretty realistic too). The league I'm in is full of active, mature GM's with lots of hockey knowledge.

We are currently in our 2nd off-season. Now would be a great time to join with the draft just getting underway, re-signings to do, followed by free agency... as well as off-season deals. It'd be an ideal time to mold your team to your liking.

Teams that are open:

Buffalo Sabres

Calgary Flames

To join this all you have to do is download EHM at (set up files 1.16 and game version 1.18, any questions feel free to ask). Experienced, active, and mature GM's are preferred.

If interested: email a username, a temporary password, and your email so the admin can create your account... email is \n This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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New Jersey (looking to fill after all these teams if possible)

Sims are every weekday in the morning with 4 sim days happening per real day.

Active league, these guys are really good with EHM and can/have come up with a couple nice programs to make things easier, draft lists that include ceilings and what not, etc.

A new Free Agency thing is being made, browse around the forums and you can see what it will be like and currently looks like in its initial design.

Just PM me a team, username, temp password, and email and I'll forward it to the commisioner.

League forums:


Rules and Amendments:

New Free Agency System topic:

Newest File: then goto [Today's] sim done.

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Phoenix and possibly Calgary have been claimed, with 1 other team possibly going soon. That leaves Nashville, Buffalo, and then New Jersey last.

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Washington just opened up too. We are at the trading deadline: Nashville is 2nd in points in the West, Buffalo is out of the playoff picture, and Washington is 8 points out.

WAS big names: Hossa, Backstom, Ovechkin

BUF names: Miller, Vanek, Sturm with a potential top 3 pick coming up for the draft.

NAS: Good young team led with Radulov on O and Suter on D.

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