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Help with my keeper

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Play in a recurring 12 team/15 man league. Keeper due about 3 days before draft, which is usually Opening Weekend.

If we choose to keep 1 player, it can only be somebody who was NOT drafted/kept in the first 4 rounds last year and the keeper occupies the 4th round of your draft. I won last year (have won every even numbered year since 2000), so I would have the first pick of the 4th round, so my keeper is player #37.

Top 5 Keeper options

T. Henry (RB- DEN) - Drafted 13th round last year (heard Chris Brown was out or benched)...Ended up starting him 6 weeks last year. Now he's the horse in Den (???).

B. Jacobs (RB-NYG - 14th round) - With no Tiki, this has got to be the guy in the Meadowlands, right? Droughns Schmoughns.... He's a horse with great feet (a taller Bettis??)

Chicago Def (DEF - 5th round) - People laughed when I took them 5th round as the #1 Def... they were money until the very end.

T. Gonzalez (TE-KC - 6th round) - Still the #2 TE in the game, but QB issues in KC... just listing him for the helluva it.

J. Walker (WR-DEN - 7th round) - Had a great comeback year, but I worry about Cutler a little.

I was planning on rolling the dice with Jacobs, until Henry got traded to Den... I have to go with Henry, don't I?


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