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NL-only keeper, 12 teams, 5x5 live auction (Elizabeth, NJ)

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We are looking for one owner to join our 12-team, 5x5 roto, keeper, NL only auction league (not sure if you can view this without being in the league: We have a very strong group of owners and the league is entering its 22nd year! It's a mix of older, younger and inbetween aged owners so anyone would make a good fit. Cost is $260 plus $2 a trade. We will draft on Saturday, April 10, 2010 starting at 9 AM in Elizabeth, NJ (plan to have your whole day shot as it takes that long to auction, then draft reserves). You must be able to join us live and put down a deposit in advance. You can keep 10 players from the team you would take over ($5 increase per keeper). Here is a sampling of some of the potenial keepers (price includes increase):

Votto, Joey $22

Stewart, Ian $12

Parra, Gerardo $10

Pearce, Steve $15

Cain, Matt $18

Jurrjens, Jair $14

Francis, Jeff $7

These guys wouldn't count against your $260 cap if they start the year in the minors:

Hernandez, Gorkys $5

Burgess, Michael $10

Jones, Daryl $5

Darvish, Yu $2

Please contact me at if you are interested in more info. I'll email you a copy of the league constitution so you can look it over along with the full roster for the open team.



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