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Opening in 7 year old CBS Auction Roto Keeper League

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We're looking for an active owner to join our 7th year auction keeper league. Quick overview of the league:

- going into 7th year

- 14 team mixed auction keeper ($280 auction budget)

- standard 5x5 roto

- daily transactions

- 30 player major league roster and minor league roster than expands to 12 after preseason draft

- Maximum of 10 major league keepers and 6 minor league keepers (no minimum)

- minor league draft (takes place by e-mail)

- in season salary cap (reduces some of the really bad dump trades)

- up to 3 year contracts

- FAAB twice a week

- $100 entry fee, 100% paid out after website fee

- 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and most improved second half team receive cash prizes

- bad contracts can be broken for a $5 penalty (comes off your auction budget) at the auction

- Auction date is Sun March 21, time TBD probably around 1:00 ET

- online auction on

This team has the 5th pick in the minor league draft and has only one player under contract. Still a number of nice minor leaguers available for that pick.

Below is the team before keeper announcements and preseason trading. This owner unsuccessfully went for the gold last year so the roster looks a little rough around the edges. If you do well at the auction you'll be competitive even without the best keepers and you don't have to keep 10 players so you can save all of your money for the auction if you so choose. I took over an awful team last year and I'm convinced I would have had a contender if injuries hadn't decimated my team. With the salaries that closers go for at the auction, Aardsma and Gonzalez could be nice trade bait or kept (if you dare). Inflation last year was about 15%.

Please PM or e-mail if interested ( Thanks!

Majors Salary

Molina, Bengie C SF 9

Swisher, Nick CF NYY 4

Lowell, Mike 3B BOS 7

Jeter, Derek SS NYY 18

Dunn, Adam LF WAS 21

Abreu, Bobby RF ANA 23

Hawpe, Brad RF COL 15

Delgado, Carlos 1B NYM 17

Murphy, David RF TEX 2

Scott, Luke LF BAL 2

Pennington, Cliff SS OAK 2

Gross, Gabe RF OAK 1

Ryan, Brendan SS STL 1

Aardsma, David RP SEA 2

Betancourt, Rafael RP COL 1

Carlson, Jesse RP TOR 1

Gonzalez, Mike RP BAL 6/1 year left on contract

Lyon, Brandon RP HOU 15

Wuertz, Michael RP OAK 1

Zito, Barry SP SF 1

Duke, Zach SP PIT 1

Lannan, John SP WAS 1

Stauffer, Tim SP SD 1

Wakefield, Tim SP BOS 1

Washburn, Jarrod SP DET 2

West, Sean SP FLA 1

Escobar, Kelvim SP NYM 1

Young, Chris R. SP SD 9


Michael Bowden

Jose Tabata

Carlos Rosa

Scott Elbert

Juan Ramirez

Christian Friedrich

Donavan Tate

Tony Sanchez

Tyler Matzek

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