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If anyone would be interested in joining a 12 Team Non Keeper - Weekly - Roto - Mixed Fantasy Baseball League, please respond...

The entry fee for this league will be $150 per team ...... 1st Place = $900 ... 2nd Place = $600 ... 3rd Place = $300 .... 100% Payout. (This league will consist of no less than 10 teams.... If league is reduced from 12 to 10 teams, payouts will decrease $100 each for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places.)

This league is intended for those who consider themselves experienced in all-things Fantasy Baseball and wish to put their skills to the test.

I am not going to ramble-on about how you should be active and not quit half way through the season ..... How you choose to handle your team is up to you but I am assuming that anyone wishing to make an investment in playing, will do so in an active manner.

As soon as a consensus is reached, a mutually agreed upon time will be designated for the live online draft. The league fee will be due immediately upon acceptance of invitation. This is a non-keeper league but I am hopeful that everyone will choose to participate yearly and not have a high turnover rate.

If this sounds appealing, I ask that you write me at ..... Entries will be accepted on a first-commit/first pay basis ...... No more than 12 teams and no less than 10.

I hope to hear from you but if not, I wish you ALL the best of luck this upcoming season.

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