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Need 2 (12 team H2H Keeper League) drafting fresh, 6 year old league

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Drafting this coming Thursday.

This is a Yahoo league some buddies and I started in 2004. The league quickly became highly competitive and we weeded out less active managers. In 2005, we started a 5 year keeper cycle which just ended in 2009.

This is the beginning of a new 5 year cycle so we are all drafting fresh. We lost a few managers last year to marriages etc and are a few short.

The basic overview of the league is a very custom 10x10, 12 team head to head keeper/dynasty league we also have expanded rosters(I believe 27). At the end of each season, each manager must keep 12 players. In order to maintain competitive balance, each player you keep is valued based on rank the following season and you lose a pick for that round. I can give you more details if you are interested. The league is very active and competitive and there are a lot of trades and most of our guys are scouting the minor leagues. If you like to make trades, this is your league. But be warned as you are new, you will get hammered with offer early on while everyone tests to see if you are a sucker.

To give you an idea, typically, we have a handful of managers with around 100 moves in a season. I prefer competitive managers but activity is most important. Play the season out start to finish and ideally the entire 5 year cycle. Let me know if you are interested.

Here are the full rules (excluding the general Yahoo rules). Let me know if you have any questions.

Entry and Payouts

TBD each season (we will wait till we have all 12 teams, usually $10 each to upgrade to plus league, sometimes we pitch in $10 or so for winnings if enough people are interested.

Stat Categories

Hitters – Runs, Hits, Doubles, Home Runs, Runs Batted In, Stolen Bases, Walks, Strike Outs, Batting Average, On Base Plus Slugging Percentage

Pitchers – Innings Pitched, Wins, Losses, Saves, Walks, Strike Outs, Holds, Earned Run Average, Walks Plus Hits Per Innings Pitched, Strike Outs Per Nine Innings

Keeper Rules

12 players must be kept. Pick 12 players on your end of the season roster and they will remain on your roster for the next season.

You can keep the same players each year if you choose. There are no regulations on who you can keep or how long you can keep him.

Keeper value is determined by Yahoo pre-season rankings. You lose the draft pick where that player is valued (rank 1-12 = round 1 value; 13-24 = round 2 value, etc). Date of pre-season ranking used will be determined each year. Once the ranks are downloaded and distributed to the league, even if they change prior to draft the distributed rank will stand for the draft.

If a manager has two or more players ranked in a particular round, the preceding rounds pick(s) will be forfeit. For example if your number one and number two keeper were ranked 13 and 14, you would have a first round pick but no second or third round pick. If your 3rd best player was ranked in the third round, because you already forfeit your 3rd round pick for your 14 rank player keeper, your number 3 keeper would be valued as a 4th round and the 4th round pick would be forfeit.


The trading deadline will be the end of Week 19.

All trades will be approved by commissioner. Managers may protest a trade but we feel everyone in the league is experienced and capable of making sound managerial decisions. No need to "protect" another team, you may not understand their logic, or you may even be right and they are getting hosed. Guess you should have beat them to the punch. Trades will only be vetoed if there is clear collusion. Play with integrity.

Prior to being evaluated, accepted trades will undergo a 24-hour waiting period. (cold feet clause)During this waiting period either party involved in the trade can cancel the trade. Managers are only allowed two cancellations per season. Trade cancellation rights do not carry over season to season. Trades should be approved within 48 hours.

In the event of an injury to any player involved in a deal prior to the deal being finalized, the trade may be cancelled by either party without penalty.

Commissioner must be notified by both managers of any draft picks or waiver priority involved in trade.

All trades involving draft picks will be conditional. Picks involved in deals will be identified as an available pick (ie, 1st available, 2nd available…15th available) It is the duty of the parties involved in the trade to fully explore due diligence with regard to where the available pick is likely to fall.


Green Bats trades his third available pick and Player A to Team Richie for his 12th available pick and Player B.

Green Bats third available pick could theoretically fall anywhere from the 3rd round to 15th round depending on players kept and rank. Team Richie’s 12th available pick could fall anywhere from the 12th round to the 24th round.

It is the responsibility of the teams involved to know this when negotiating a deal. Do not assume anything other than the range of which the picks must fall. Rankings change, players are traded, bone-head keeper decisions are made. Proceed with caution.

All draft pick trades must involve an equal amount of picks. Each team must always hold 15 draft picks (27 rounds – 12 keepers).

Waiver Priority

Waiver priority will carry over each year (can be set each year). If you end the year with the number one waiver priority you start the following year with number one waiver priority. Waiver priority can be traded both in-season and off-season.

Draft Order

Year one will be a snake draft (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1) with random order to be determined at time of draft. Years 2-5 will be standard draft (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12)with draft position determined using the following method:

Picks 1-6 will go to those playing in the consolation bracket and the draft order will be determined by the results of the consolation bracket (encouraging competition in this bracket). Winner of the consolation bracket gets #1 pick, runner-up #2 pick through 6.

Picks 7-12 will be awarded to the top six teams (Playoff teams). Draft order will be reverse, regular season standings so the number one regular season team would draft in the 12th position. No reason to throw the 5th place game.


Play nice, no drama, it is just a game so keep your integrity in tact. Stream at your own risk and transact players at 12:01am, everyone has the same opportunity if they wish. If you find you are unable to dedicate the time to manage your team, please try to find a co-manager or let the commissioner know so a co-manager can be located to protect the integrity of the season.

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