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1 spot left for 2nd year keeper league

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Looking for an owner to join an existing College Dynasty Keeper League. Rotisserie style with standard 5x5 categories (AVG HR RBI R SB W SV K ERA WHIP.) We are going on our second year and one of the owners is unable to continue this year. This is a very competitive league, so please only serious owners that check their team every day or every other day. This is a College Dynasty League, meaning every other player is in college. I am looking for other college players, or people with facebook so that we can communicate easier and keep the league going for a long time. Please EMAIL me ASAP if you want to join, DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS POST. I will email you back with all the settings and some questions I have for you. THERE IS ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT. My email is

Here is the roster, you will be keeping 6 players, one from each group of four. The players still on the roster from last year, were ranked by this years yahoo rankings and are broken into groups of four so that good players are thrown back into the draft each year:

Utley, Lincecum, McCann, Carlos Pena

Ethier, Pence, Brian Wilson, Peavy

Slowey, Wolf, Hoffman, Aardsma

Orlando Cabrera, Cody Ross, Nick Swisher, Nick Masset

Bedard, Feldman, Kazmir, Headley

Putz, G Atkins, Joe Buck, Cameron Maybin

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