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Need 1 for AL-only keeper league (Mendoza Baseball)

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Mendoza Baseball ( ) Denny Doyle Memorial League

This is the 7th year of the Doyle League - it's an AL-only 12 team league; Mendoza Baseball has been around for 12 years.

Scoring is a little different than most leagues - the scoring is based on sabermetrics. There is also a heavy emphasis on salary cap management (more on that later).

We use all the stats that really mean something and none of the stats that don't. That means we do use walks, GIDP and caught stealing. It means we don't use RBI, wins, losses or saves. This is good news and bad news. The bad news is that Mendoza values are a little different than other fantasy leagues. The good news is that they track very closely with more advanced player performance metrics such as RC, EQA, VORP, etc. (the major difference being that Mendoza stats are not park-adjusted).

You can view the scoring and league rules here (this will open into a MS Word document):

We have a free agent auction draft and a separate minor league draft each year. 60-man rosters, with a 25-man MLB roster.

Here's another thing that's different than most leagues: when you acquire/draft a rookie, you control that player for six years. After a player's 3rd MLB year of service time, you are required to offer him arbitration (just like MLB).

We play for actual money, although the stakes are low. Salary cap is $185, and realistically the most money you could win (or lose) in a season would be $70 - $80. Distributions are made in November.

The winnings are a little different than most leagues as well: you earn $$$ based on a formula which rewards you for your team's win total during the season and the place (1st through 12th) that you come in. So theoretically, you could have a last place team and make money, and (although it's not likely) you could have a 1st place team and lose money. Again, salary cap management is huge in this game.

This will be my 4th year in Doyle - here are the two things that I really like about it, which I've yet to find in other fantasy baseball games:

1.) Because of the payout structure and the fact that it's a keeper league, all 12 teams in the league stay very active throughout the season. This isn't a league where 4 or 5 of the teams are "dead" after May 1st. For instance, if you're in last place in mid-August, you are likely trading your high-salaried players who will become free agents to contending teams for prospects (just like MLB) - again, salary cap mgt. is huge in this game.

2.) Due to the fact that it's a relatively involved game, the team owners tend to be fairly savvy guys to deal with. We've all been in fantasy leagues where owners offer you silly trades like 4 scrub relievers, a backup catcher, and a utility infielder for Joe Mauer. You won't see that kind of stuff in this league.

The game was designed to be as close as possible to being the general manager of a major league team.

Here's the caveat: if your idea of fantasy baseball is to check in on your team, say, once a month, this is probably not the league for you. Due to the minor league draft, the weekly auctions on rookies, and the roster management (again, 60 man rosters in an AL-only 12-team league), you pretty much need to be a hard-core baseball fanatic to enjoy the game.

The team in our league that is available is "Pride and Pinstripes." You'd be inheriting a roster that includes C.C. Sabathia, John Lackey, and A.J. Burnett. You can view the team here:

If you are interested or have questions, email our commissioner at:, or you can PM or email me with any questions (

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