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New 12 team H2H points league

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This new h2h points league is for those who believe a player’s ability is more than what shows up in 5 stats.

This league offers a scoring system that favors well rounded teams and depth off of the bench. It also produces more wins for active owners than for casual or neglectful owners.

Weekly acquisition and games started limits provide a more realistic experience of play and level the playing field.

I will be editing the schedule to provide a divisional race for the playoffs. You will play the teams in your division 3 times and the teams in the other division once. Division winners get a “bye” in the first round of the playoffs.

You also get an adult League Manager with previous experience.

I prefer experienced players, but this is a league where first time h2h points players can compete and learn.

You can view the league at

If you want to join the North Fork league leave a post here with your email address or leave me a private message through my profile.

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