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I find the best owners are the ones willing to play for decent stakes. I am not looking for an argument here. I am starting a second league. I already have 13 owners for this second league and I intend to fill it up to 18 teams. I have friends who will gladly jump into a second league of mine but I'm searching for new blood.

I find that small league fee's attract owners who usually quit by June if their team isn't faring well so that they can concentrate on one of their 10 other leagues where they may have a shot. Not so in my league.

My league is non keeper, it's both AL and NL combined, no head to head, it's roto style.

We start 13 hitters/9 pitchers/ and a 5 man bench. So that's 27 x 18 = 486 total MLB Players. So you need to know your stuff.

We have a shopping rule which prevents the league from B.S. trades. All trades go on the clock for 24 hours giving non involved owners an opportunity to present a counter offer to either owner of the posted trade. If a counter is accepted within the 24 shopping period, then the new deal goes on the clock for it's own 24 hour shopping period. If a guy trades Albert Pujols to another owner for Jarrod Washburn and Daniel Murphy, we'll tell him he's an idiot, he won't be invited back next season and we'll wipe that stupidity off the board. But let's say the owner trades Albert Pujols to another owner for say, Nick Swisher and John Danks. I know, it's not great, but say someone else counters with Roy Halladay and Adrian Gonzalez. If the owner doesn't accept the superior counter offer, the owner counter offering Halladay and Gonzalez may protest once the shopping period closes on the Pujols for Swisher/Danks deal. Then the three member commissioners panel will weigh both offers and in this case will tell the owner receiving Swisher and Danks that he must forfeit that deal/accept Halladay and Gonzalez or he gets no deal at all.

This prevents hook ups in the event that two buddies enter our league, join forces and try to rip us off. Now I know that for those of you circling the waters for victims might be pissed if your deal gets countered and you weren't able to sucker a weak owner but it really is for the betterment of the league.

The league fee is $600 per team X 18 teams for a prize pool of over $10,000. Top four places finish, 4k, 2.5k, 2k, 1.5k Every penny is disclosed and accounted for, which will be posted on the league message board. The commissioner(s) pay full price too.

This isn't some creepy guy scam who lives in his parents basement apartment. The auction is live and you will meet the other 17 owners the night of the live auction. We rent out a banquet room of a bar/restaurant, we have a hot buffet, we hire an auctioneer and he has an assistant to write down every team's player purchases, the auction is a ton of fun and it runs fairly smoothly.

Now, this isn't a name nominated auction where everyone gets to nominate a player one at a time. What we do is pull out a team roster at random and proceed to call out every name on it, some get bid on, some don't, thus there are quality players throughout the auction and you just have to know when players are going for a bargain price or when they are going for too much money.

The auction is great. I love it. It's like Christmas and I'm 10 years old again, not 42, as I am today. We have a lot of White Collar types who live in Westchester, Bergen, Suffolk, Nassau and NYC. I haven't picked an auction date yet, but if you are somewhat interested at what you've read, feel free to send me an email at and I can send you the rules, etc.

Please note, Our league is a more mature league, family men or at least those in their 30's, 40's, 50's and up. We really aren't interested in the younger trade whores who trade their team away all season long and bitch on the message board looking for a fight. You know the type. We want guys who have a feel for the game. That's one reason why our league entry fee is $600 per owner. We feel it filters out the stupidity.

If you're in sales, this might be a great opportunity for you to join us and network.

Manhattan College Alumni are especially welcomed.

Good luck in your search for a league that best suits you.



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