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5yr Elite, Fee-based Keeper league needs YOU!

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Elite keeper fee-based league, 5th year running, looking for solid, keen, competitive and

fun-first owners. A seperate Google Docs page tracks draft picks, rookie picks,

rookie rosters, waiver picks and much more. 5x5 Roto. 100% of fees returned to top 3 place finishers

(50% first, 30% second, 20% third).

Designed to be as real as the real thing,

this league will make all others green with envy! Join our league:

League ID#: 215633 // League Name: Baseball1 //

Password: royals.

Read the rules found by following the web link in the Commissioner's Note on our

home page.

Full rules, draft picks, waiver picks, rookie rosters and team rosters can be viewed here:

Teams will be assigned en masse which means you will select the team, rosters, draft picks,

waiver picks, rookies etc. for one team. Remember our rules say you can keep 8 regular roster

players and up to 8 rookies, so be careful when selecting your team. The Commish will put

out the random order for selecting teams after we confirm which teams are returning from

last year.

Space is limited so act today!

Ask questions on the league home page or by email me at

Yahoo League ID#: 215633

League Name: Baseball1

Password: royals

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