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SUD 2010 12 Team ESPN Auction League

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The league has been running for over 5 years+. We are looking for owners that are dedicated and don't have too much on their plates with other leagues. We have a weekly activity requirement. You can lose your team and your entry fee if you dont follow our activity requirements without letting us know in advance you will be gone. We had two people bow out at pretty much the last minute. We need two quality replacements.

20$ entry fee with 100% payout through Payout will probably be for around the top 3-4 teams. We havent decided on that yet. We are going to require people to pay before draft day.

Some Details:

Draft Day: March 14 4:00 CST

C/1/2/3/SS/MI/CI/OF/OF/OF/OF/OF/UTL/9P/BN/BN/BN/BN 2DL (pretty much standard ESPN settings)

1440 IP Max

Email: to join or if you have any questions. Just give me a brief description of your skill level and any info you'd like to share.

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