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New League for the SERIOUS caliber manager

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Hi Guys,

I Need some very good owners for a new league at GDR. (Click the TAKE THE TOUR link at the top right of the homepage if you are unaware of the gameplay)

Some information on the league:

* Draft: Feb 22 - 27th

* Auction style draft, set at 100 milllion

* 3 year contracts with a 1 year extention

* Minor league 5 round draft set in June

I am looking for active owners who want to excel in this sophisticated way of playing Fantasy Baseball ... As auction drafts with contract extensions with farm systems is not for everyone lol ..& I may be able to get a discount coupon off the 25 dollars for the franchise if you are serious about jumping in (I've emailed them before and have gotten discount coupons)

if you want in, let me know here or PM me!

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