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The Harsh

Eminem - Recovery

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not really a fan of eminem anymore. his flow/delivery sounds forced and uncomfortable in alot of his newer stuff. sslp/mmlp eminem i think is unfortunately gone forever.

While i tend to agree....

This shizzz is Eminem at his old self, hot.

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cuz encore, relapse, and recovery suck B)

but for real he is mos def in my top 3 rappers with his first three albums alone

Recovery wasn't sucky!!!

I'll give you relapse, I didn't even listen to one song off it.

And yes, Encore sucked, but there were a few songs to take away from it. The thing is though is that it clearly wasn't Eminem. He was under the influence and going through a really tough time in his life on top of that. I just throw it away and forget.

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