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Fantasy World Cup Help

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My friends and I are doing a world cup soccer competition. We each draft 4 teams (snake draft) and get points for wins, goals and shutouts.

I know the big countries will be snagged 1st (brazil, spain etc) but my knowledge of the lesser teams in the cup is not great. Can anyone help by suggesting a few sleeper teams for my draft? Or point me in the direction of some good futbol research for the cup?


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You can start here, with FIFA's International Rankings:

The top 10, in order: Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Argentina, England, Croatia, France

ESPNSoccernet's World Cup page has an article on candidates for the tournament's top scorer, and the team pages have a "Qualification" tab where you can see how each team go there, and how they did in scoring/allowing Goals:

Fox Soccer has a "32 Teams" tab where they offer brief scouting reports on each team:

They aren't overwhelmingly informative, but you should be able organize the competitors into Contenders and Pretenders fairly easily.

Hope that helps!

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