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Pistons frontcourt next season?

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Detroit Free Press is reporting Chris Webber will not be back in a Pistons uniform next season.

Rotoworld is expecting Antonio McDyess to play a larger role next year.

Minutes per game last year:

Rasheed Wallace - 32.2

Chris Webber - 29.7

Antonio McDyess - 21.0

Nazr Mohammed - 15.2

Jason Maxiell - 14.1

Amir Johnson - 15.6 (only 8 GP)

Dale Davis - 10.1

I know this adds up well over the 96 mpg that you get from the PF and C positions, and it's because many players played only a few games last season.

The question is, do you really think the Pistons can go to battle with Sheed, McDyess, Nazr, Maxiell and Amir Johnson? Or are they about to make some movement to get another proven veteran?

And, how do you think those almost 30 mpg that used to play Webber will be redistributed? Any major fantasy winner there? I'm not sold on McDyess playing 30+ mpg. Maybe Maxiell will become a fantasy startable player if given the minutes? Or should we turn to Mohammed as we did last year when he became a major bust? Or do you think Amir Johnson is finally ready to step up and contribute?

Just thinking on the fantasy spin on the Pistons frontcourt situation.

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Not drafting a big man makes me think Joe D is ready to go into the season with the current front court situation. He's been anxiously waiting on Amir Johnson to be ready to contribute (as have us fans) and Maxiell showed flashed of brilliance last season)

Maxiell will see an increase in minutes most definitely. I'm guessing he'll be around 25 a game and be an option in deeper leagues. If he can continue his block pace from last year, he'd definitely be a contributor there. .9 in 14 minutes should translate to 1.5+ in 25 or so minutes.

Mohammed might see some minutes again. He wasn't bad in the minutes he got last year, but it was fairly apparent Flip wasn't too thrilled with him for whatever reason. He's not worth having in any league really unless Saunders has a total change of heart.

Amir Johnson is the big wildcard. He has been putting up huge numbers in the NBDL (18.9-9.7-3.14 blks), but who knows how that translates to the NBA. If he can show something in pre-season he may very well be worth a flier in deep leagues. He'll be someone to keep an eye on in all leagues in the case of an injury to Sheed or Dice. He also has a chance to get some minutes at SF as well.

I think you're definitely right about Dice not playing anything over 30 minutes. It's not in his best interest over the course of the season. If he can get a steady 30 minutes though, I'd say he's definitely worth owning in almost any league.

Minutes estimates to start the season: Wallace 30, McDyess 30, Maxiell 25, Johnson/Mohammed 10.

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