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Rotoworold Draft Guide Question

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This is the first year I have actually bought the draft guide. In years past I usually just watch some preseason, the rotoworld player news, and check this forum for my info, but it seems bball season has really snuck up on me this year and I haven't been able to prepare very well. My draft is this weekend and so I thought I would give the draft guide a try. So this question is for anyone who has bought the draft guide. I set up my custom scoring which is roto, number of teams, and applicable categories, but how do I get rid of the "Team salary cap"? We don't have a salary cap and I have never played with a salary cap. It is by default stuck at 300. I would like for it to not be taken into account. Right now when I look at the cheatsheet rankings the last column shows positive and negative numers. I have no clue what they mean. I would very much appreciate anyone that can offer some insight.



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