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"Sweet" Lou Willaims 2010-11

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After tonights performance this guy deserves some conversation and props. He's coming off the bench but that has meant very little as far as his production. He has had scoring games of 15,16,18 and so far going into overtime has 30 in an average of 25 minutes of game action. He's even chipped in assist numbers of 5 and 7 and we know he is capable of thievery. FTM he has had a 12-13 and tonight so far 15-17. Can we say a value Kevin Martin? Explosive numbers from a guy I hope will get a larger role as the season goes on so his supplemental numbers get an upgrade. He can shoot lights out from the field and coming into the game was over 50%. And rains 3's. Not trying to say he is a top 50 player but the window may be closing or will after tonight on getting him for free.

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