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Free/Fun (Yahoo!) League

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New 10 team, H2H, free/just for fun league starting here...will use Yahoo! and will distribute league info once registration opens.

Statistical categories will be 5x5: TB, OBP, RBI, SB, R and W, QS, Ks, ERA, and WHIP

Rosters will consist of 10 starting hitters: 1c, 1 1b, 1 2b, 1 3b, 1 ss, 3 OF, 2 Utility (any position) and 7 SP, ZERO RP, and 1 P spot for possible call-ups who do not yet have SP eligibility until they reach the minimum starts requirement...7 bench spots...3 DL spots...a total of 25 active roster spots

There will be a one, not two week championship near the end of the regular season. We can also discuss turning this into a keeper league once we are all able to discuss details.

The remaining 9 spots will come on a first-come first-serve basis. If you are interested, please just simply leave a post in this thread saying so...the first 9, if we even get any interest, will be part of the league. From that point, I will conduct a random draft order and we can commence the draft in this very thread, pick by pick, allowing a few hours for each manager to make his/her selection.

We can discuss more details as time goes on since we have plenty of time, but this at least provides the basics to it.

Basically, I would like to get this online/thread draft started asap, so if any interest at all (just for fun), please leave a message here.


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