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The Rules are Simple!

- If you want to participate, just reply to this thread with the player you think should be ranked next on the draft list

- Rank the nba players based on a Single-Season, Traditional 9-catagory Fantasy League (either H2H or Roto)

- Each player needs 5 votes to be ranked (1-36), 4 votes to be ranked (37-84), and 3 votes to be ranked (84+)

- If you are the final deciding voter for a particular player, it's your duty to start the next thread, name it "#2" or "#18" or whichever # the NEXT pick is. in the body of the thread, copy/paste these directions along with an updated rankings list!

- You can vote ON BEHALF of others! Just cite a previous thread where any member voted for a player, and you can carry over thier vote to make the process faster! (please be specific when doing this). This also means you should be careful who you vote for, any of your votes can be quoted and used against you later!

1. Shawn Marion

2. Kobe Bryant

3. Kevin Garnett

4. LeBron James

5. Gilbert Arenas

6. Dirk Nowitzki

7. Steve Nash

8. Amare Stoudemire

9. Yao Ming

10. Wade

11. Pau Gasol

12. ???

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Courtesy of markdash in the #11 post, here were the votes before my deciding Pau vote.

Current Standings as of 8/26/07, 8:23 pm PDT:

Tim Duncan - 4

Pau Gasol - 4

Jason Kidd - 3

Allen Iverson - 1

Paul Pierce - 1

Chris Paul - 1

Pau won, and Duncan will finally get my vote here. Definately not an exciting pick for me, but that puts him at 5 and will possibly make this the shortest post out of all the picks we do.

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