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English Premier Fantasy League

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English Premier Keeper League

email me at for more information

This will be a free keeper league. There will be Twelve (12) teams in the league from the EPL.

Team Keepers

Each team will select Three (3) players from the team they have chosen to be a start to their active roster. These will be your "keepers" for the beginning of the season. At the end of the season we will re-select Four (4) keepers, of the Four, 3 must represent your current club and 1 can be an outsider from another club (that you drafted, picked up in FA, etc.)


Scoring values are still being determined and will be scored manualy every week after those weeks games are concluded.

Roster Size

Going to start with a flexible roster size of 16 (11 Active each week and 5 bench)

Roster Selection

In addition to the 3 keepers that we will select to start; we will have a slow draft (by position) as soon as the league fills. This will determine the rest of our squads!

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I am starting a fantasy soccer league (EPL) and I am looking for people to join. If you are interested and want to have more details, send me an email at:

You can also check my own personal fantasy football website (I have been running this league for the past 14 years) to see what kind of fantasy sports gamer I am:



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