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The Rules are Simple!

- If you want to participate, just reply to this thread with the player you think should be ranked next on the draft list

- Rank the nba players based on a Single-Season, Traditional 9-catagory Fantasy League (either H2H or Roto)

- Each player needs 5 votes to be ranked (1-36), 4 votes to be ranked (37-84), and 3 votes to be ranked (84+)

- If you are the final deciding voter for a particular player, it's your duty to start the next thread, name it "#2" or "#18" or whichever # the NEXT pick is. in the body of the thread, copy/paste these directions along with an updated rankings list!

- You can vote ON BEHALF of others! Just cite a previous thread where any member voted for a player, and you can carry over thier vote to make the process faster! (please be specific when doing this). This also means you should be careful who you vote for, any of your votes can be quoted and used against you later!

1. Shawn Marion

2. Kobe Bryant

3. Kevin Garnett

4. LeBron James

5. Gilbert Arenas

6. Dirk Nowitzki

7. Steve Nash

8. Amare Stoudemire

9. Yao Ming

10. Dwyane Wade

11. Pau Gasol

12. Tim Duncan

13. Jason Kidd

14. Chris Paul

15. Josh Smith

16. Rashard Lewis

17. Chris Bosh

18. Allen Iverson

19. Vince Carter

20. Paul Pierce

21. Ray Allen

22. Marcus Camby

23. Andre Iguodala

24. Tracy McGrady

25. Chauncey Billups

26. Deron Williams

27. Caron Butler

28. Michael Redd

29. Gerald Wallace

30. Carlos Boozer

31. Joe Johnson

32. Carmelo Anthony

33. Josh Howard

34. Kirk Hinrich

35. Dwight Howard

36. Al Jefferson

37. Jermaine O'Neal

38. Baron Davis

39. Antawn Jamison

40. Jason Richardson

41. Emeka Okafor

42. Kevin Martin

43. Luol Deng

44. Brandon Roy

45. Leandro Barbosa

46. Manu Ginobli

47. Mike Miller

48. Mehmet Okur

49. Ron Artest

50. Tyson Chandler

51. Tony Parker

52. Kevin Durant

53. Jason Terry

54. Raymond Felton

55. Lamar Odom

56. Rasheed Wallace

57. David West

58. Ben Gordon

59. Mike Bibby

60. Ricky Davis

61. Mo Williams

62. LaMarcus Aldridge

63. Corey Maggette

64. AK47

65. Monta Ellis

66. Samuel Dalembert

67. Richard Jefferson

68. TJ Ford

69. Andre Miller

70. Rip Hamilton

71. Shane Battier

72. Al Harrington

73. Starbury

74. Granger

75. Randy Foye

76. ???

Ben Wallace - 3 (markdash, rotoking07, KG4MVP)

Zach Randolph - 3 (teamshameless, c2, mustachetoes)

Andres Bierdrins -2 (Yaz, Rando)

Josh Childress- 1 (7331T)

David Lee - 1 (jpug)

Rudy Gay- 1 (thefantasyczar)

Luis Scola- 1 (gorocketsgo)

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I already put my next pick up. Rudy Gay Memphis.

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Thanx for posting my Loius Scola Pick.

There you go. You may not get to pick for awhile.

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Okay Homer, tell me about your boy!!

I'm already out of the loop. He was drafted 5 years ago, didn't go to college and is already one of the oldest guys on the team. Is he supposed to be the next Manu or something?

Edit: Okay, I saw the FIBA stats, but considering that he may have been the oldest player there and was probably the first option on a team that has been together for 4-5 years, I'm really not sold yet. I guess I will need to see him play first.

I don't see him being drafted on most fantasy teams unless he gets some HUGE buzz in camp. If he comes out and scores 20 the first night, I'll be watching the boxscore though.

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i am changing to Zach Randolph...(pls respond to my thread...very curious how his value fell)

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I'm going Randolph as well. Yeah Curry is bigger, but Randolph should still be in or very close to double digit in boards because we all know Curry doesn't rebound.

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