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If anyone has an opening in a deep league(15 + teams) and an entry fee of $500 or more, please contact me at

Live Auction anywhere near NYC would be great. I'd be willing to travel an hour or two by car for this kind of league.

I'm not interested in Keeper leagues or H2H.

i prefer roto style auctions.

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I see thousands of post on this site, but all of them seem to be for little to no money.

I put way too much time into this to compete just for fun or peanuts.

Isn't there anyone out here who runs a high stakes $$$$ league that has 15+ teams or more.

I don't want to join the NFBC because they take too much money out in taxes.

Someone help me find a big money league with a live auction somewhere in the New York Tri-state area.

I'm willing to travel 100 miles if I have to.

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