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Hey guys,

A league I am in that has a pretty cool and unusual draft

style is looking for one more owner. It is a mixed league

and carries a $150 entry fee. The draft starts March 20th at

7:45 EST and will be completed March 22 at 7:45 EST.

Below is a cut and paste from the league rules about how the

draft will be conducted...

Draft :

The draft takes part on two separate nights. There will be

an auction style draft on one night for the first "5 rounds"

of the draft. (The rest of the draft will be on another

night and will be the typical snake draft style) This

auction draft will take place in the websites chat room.

Unfortunately CBS doesn't allow us to do everything we want

to do using its draft room for this part of the draft.

Therefore I will manually keep track of these first 5

auction rounds. Each owner gets $100 auction dollars and

there are 5 nominations per owner, meaning when it is your

"turn" in this auction draft, instead of selecting a player

like a typical snake draft, you throw out a players

name(nominate). You could throw out any player, there is

some strategy here. Some people like to throw out guys they

want and others like to throw out guys they may think others

want in an attempt to bleed them of their money. This will

be done in the chat room on the site. Once a name is thrown

out there the bidding begins. Highest bidder gets that

player. When bidding slows I will type "going once, going

twice, SOLD". Once SOLD is typed that player is done. Again

we will do this for five rounds. You can get as many or as

few players as you choose. Once you run out of money, you

lose your nominations. Its not recommended to run out of

these nominations as the nominations have trade value.

Trading is allowed between rounds 3-4 and 4-5 . You may

trade auction money, nominations or draft picks. As long as

you have a buck and you have nominations. After round three

and round four we will take a 5 minute break in which you

can contact any owners and try to trade nomination, auction

money or draft picks of the snake draft. When you both agree

on a deal you MUST BOTH send me your trade to make it

official on chat. Once the 5 round auction is done , the

rest of the draft is a snake draft two nights later. Please

note, There is no trading at all until the conclusion of

round 3 in the auction. Shortly after the auction draft, the

draft will be set up for a "slow" draft until the 2nd

official draft night. This means the draft is ongoing but no

one should feel pressured to get on and make a pick as we

all have jobs, family, etc. The point of this is to

hopefully knock out a couple rounds between the auction

draft and the regular draft. The site will send you an email

when your pick is up. Once the regular draft begins (usually

2 nights after the auction draft) we will finish it out that



Trading during auction draft-

After rounds three and four of the auction draft there will

be a 5 minute break for anyone to trade nominations, auction

money, or draft picks. You can call, text, or chat right in

the draft room to get this accomplished. Make sure you

select the persons name in the chat room so it is a private



Shoot me an email if interested.


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